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[Science Factism] The Evolution Of The Octopus…

Posted by Lex Fear on March 20, 2009

…Or not, as it may seem, according to Oil is Mastery:

“These are sensational fossils, extraordinarily well preserved,” says Dirk Fuchs of the Freie University Berlin, lead author of the report. But what surprised the scientists most was how similar the specimens are to modern octopus: “these things are 95 million years old, yet one of the fossils is almost indistinguishable from living species.” This provides important evolutionary information.

Indeed: it provides information that none has occured.

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5 Responses to “[Science Factism] The Evolution Of The Octopus…”

  1. lwtc247 said

    Hi Lex.

    Add that to Horse-shoe crabs, Woodlice, Crocodiles, Sharks, Coelacanth, ‘millipeds and mosquitos(?)'(http://www.dinofish.com/), oh, and EVERY OTHER FORM of life on the planet, ALL of which have NO FOSSIL or GENETIC record proving a link to other species.

    But I know you wont let it ruin your day, dear neoDarwinists.

  2. lwtc247 said

    Wanna see a neoDarwinish squirm? Get him to PROVE (anything!) of the speciation
    nonsence he so dearly holds to his heart. I suggest a context: The split between
    warm and cold blooded species.

    Just came across this quick page. You may like a read. http://www.ridgenet.net/~do_while/sage/v9i3f.htm

  3. BHudson said

    Bugger. I had a nice long comment sorted, then I pressed reply without filling in the form, and lost it all.
    Anyway, here’s the gist of it. I don’t know quite how to define myself when it comes to the origin of species. I’m not a Creationist, as that infers a literal interpretation of the Bible (which, quite frankly, is silly. It’s a fallible human document that does its best to represent an infallible set of divine truths). I’m not an evolutionist, because that infers that I think something so irreducably complex as a bacterial flagellum can occur totally by chance. Intelligent design seems to just be a watered down mismatch of both.
    To me, it seems clear that a Deity of infinite power and intelligence can easily prepare primitive beings with a set of genes (after all, real evolutionists recognise that all that really happens is different preeisting genes getting more or less activated) that allow them to change – a continuous process of environmental reCreation, with the intention of reaching the pinnacle of life. That’s far less eloquent than what I said before, but oh well. You get the idea.


  4. Lex Fear said

    I know what you mean Hudson. I’ve currently find myself, not sitting on a fence, more waiting on a wall for a better idea to come forward that doesn’t contradict itself but doesn’t subscribe to an overly literal interpretation of the bible.

    Evolution to me is not even a theory – it’s a collection of varying theories that fit the whim of the beholder at the time. And then there is the problem of being no unifying definition of evolution – everyone you speak to has a different idea about what it is and what it includes.

    You can’t beat a cloud with a stick, and that is what you are doing when you try to question/debate evolution with an armchair scientist.

  5. Originator said

    Just a few quick comments for you to consider!
    1) The Bible claims to be God’s Word written THROUGH people, a ‘living’ Word as relevant to day as when first written on a scroll. God is described as omnipotent, oniscient, omni- everything, beyond time and space yet intimately concerned with and involved in our lives. Don’t you think He is capable of getting His word to us just as He needs us to have it to get the Message across? So why not try trusting that literal understanding, and see what happens?
    2) Everything God does is THROUGH People – this is the way He chooses to interact with us.
    3)You could be “waiting on a wall for a better idea” till Jesus returns – by which time it will be too late. Your words suggest there is something shamefull about believing The Bible literally – is it because you still want to give SOME credence to neo-darwinism and the millions of years it requires? There’s no shame in accepting a young creation, even if you want to subscribe to Dr Russel Humphries excellent Einsteinian analysis of Gravity/Time dilation leading to a model where the universe is about 6000 years old locally, billions of years old billions of light-years away!
    4) Aren’t Octopuses wonderful creatures?!
    5) Aren’t Horseshoe Crabs wonderful creatures?!

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