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Whatever You Do for the Least of These…

Posted by Lex Fear on December 31, 2007

You know, I joke sometimes but I’m actually quite stunned by one of Stef’s latest posts.

We all know that people who sleep on the streets probably haven’t read a John Maxwell book, The Prayer of Jabez or The Purpose Driven Life in their life but the Whited Sepulcher Catholic Truth Bookshop at Westminster Cathedral has found a new low.

No room at the inn

Looking over the pictures again, is that a nativity scene in the shop window..? oh how ironic! No room at the inn? Well you can’t sleep in the entrance to our book shop either!

Read Stef’s full post.

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Humans… Universal Truths

Posted by Lex Fear on December 22, 2007

  • We all have the same number of hours in the day
  • We will all die (at least once)
  • We all need to squat/sit at least once or twice a day to take a dump
  • We all need to eat
  • We were all at one stage helpless and vulnerable and dependent on adults
  • We all need to sleep

It seems to me these truths are undeniable facts. They are beyond social status, cultural identity, prejudice and are irrefutable. So why is there so much inequality? Why do some have more and some have less?

It seems to me that people rise or fallLa estratégia que se uasa en el juego en un juegos poquer convencional es muy diferente de los juegos de poquer online. based on two things, the action or inaction of others. I can’t think of any other factor.

Are there any other universal truths that can be included? Is there any other divisible reason other than action or inaction?

Comments please… I should like to see my thoughts challenged and test yours.

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What Should Westernised Christians Protest Next?

Posted by Lex Fear on December 9, 2007

Temporarily breaking my self-imposed blog-silence-because-I’m-just-too-busy-right-now for an issue which is close to my heart.

It’s hard to balance you’re Christian faith with civil disobedience and generally outside-of-the-law-but-just causes, especially when faced with the prevalent mindset amongst Westernised Christianity is to ‘submit’ yourself to “governing authorities” that have been “established by God”. Unfortunately this Christian feels that this particular scripture has been misappropriated and become warped into something more akin to “honour thy government, then God” but I digress.

Since it seems that The Golden Compass has effectively ‘bombed‘ on it’s opening weekend in the States, Westernised Christians must now be feeling empty and wondering what next to boycott/protest. Therefore may I suggest they turn their attention to matters of copyright and copyright enforcement?

I’m not talking about making sure Hillsong or Soul Survivor keep their steady stream of income, I’m talking about taking a stand against the principalities and powers at work to give copyright owners and enforcers the power to become despots.

Recently a charity in the UK has been visited by ‘officers’ of the Performing Rights Society (PRS) and told they have fork out a large amount of money for a licence to not only play a radio (which can be heard in the vicinity of the general public) but also to allow the kids to sing Christmas Carols. That’s right folks, songs that were originally created originally as worship for Jesus and generally celebrating the joy of Christ-Mas are owned by artist managing companies who are keen to make a buck from the worship of your Lord and Saviour.

Has anyone considered the ramifications for churches (which are registered charities)? Are there churches out there that already pay these stupid fees? Of course, church leaders may say they are exempt, they sing music from artists such as Matt Redman and Darlene Czech every Sunday. Matt and Darlene may hardly have a problem with this, but their record companies might. For instance: Hillsong is registered with the MAFIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), who have been blitzing file-sharers with legal threats, court summons and out of court settlements. The fact that the file-sharers may be kids, dead people or family pets don’t factor into it, neither does the fact that the file-sharers have not made a single penny from SHARING. All they’ve done is SHARE a digital copy rather than, say, SHARE a physical DVD with a friend. The important part here is that it is the MAFIAA, not the artists that are doing the suing. Darlene and Matt may be happy for churches in America to SHARE and WORSHIP together, but what happens when the MAFIAA has squeezed dry the file-sharers who don’t feel morally obliged to respect copyrightwrong?

We don’t care about this right now because:

1) It doesn’t affect us yet, and
2) It’s only bad people who don’t respect copyright.

But these are both wrong assertions. It’s only a matter of time before the MAFIAA spots the lucrative potential of the tithe. Sounds ridiculous? So does suing a garage for playing a radio.


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