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[Murderoch] The Power Of Association

Posted by Lex Fear on July 14, 2007

Does your church or ministry have a MySpace page?


Did you know that MySpace has an association with this website:


How? Because MySpace is owned by this man:

Rupert Murdoch. An Australian self-proclaimed born-again Christian who owns, amongst others, these media and entertainment companies:

times sky thesun

Murderoch has admitted he tried to use his media outlets to turn public opinion for the Iraq war in this interview below:

Bill Moyer has offered a short analysis of Murderoch’s predatory nature when it comes to forging his media empire here:

Perhaps the only redeeming quality to Murderoch is he allows himself and Fixed News to be lampooned in one of Fox’s primetime comedy shows, The Simpsons:

Perhaps this wouldn’t be the case if The Simpsons wasn’t such a profitable commodity.

I’m not asking you to change your ways, I’m just asking you to look beyond the first layer of public image and recognise who you associate with, enable and ultimately allow yourself to be bought by.

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[Sad] Comparing Christian Value Systems…

Posted by Lex Fear on March 20, 2007

Christian Peace Witness for Iraq march down 16th Street on their way to the White House. Source: God’s Politics

Christian Voice hold protest outside BBC Television Studios against broadcast of Jerry Springer: The Opera. Source: BBC Comedy

One protest is inspired by deep moral conviction regarding a world event, the other inspired by a deep moral conviction regarding what’s on TV tonight.

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[Truth Hurts] Trump Calls It

Posted by Lex Fear on March 18, 2007

On the war:

“The war is a total disaster”

“Sadam Hussein, whether they like him, or didn’t like him, he hated terrorists, he’d shoot and kill terrorists…”

On the causes:

“…there’s only one person you can blame and that’s our current President”

On Bush’s staff:

“Obviously Rumsfeld was a disaster”

“Condolleeza Rice is a lovely woman but she never makes a deal… she waves”

On America’s repuation:

“We had a chance after September 11th, to be the most popular nation on earth… and we blew it”

On Iraq:

“The day we leave anyway it’s all gonna blow up”

“Saddam Hussein will be a nice person… compared to the person that takes over for Saddam Hussein, he will be considered a nice person… he will hate America”

On the casualties:

“Nobody talks about the soldiers who are coming back with no arms and no legs”

On the current US Administration:

“Everything in Washington has been a lie”

Referral: The Osterley Times, Anything They Say

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[Churchianity] Name Dropping

Posted by Lex Fear on March 14, 2007

“Prime Minister John Howard recently recognised the Church’s achievements by opening its new childcare facilities, financed with the help of a U.C.I.S loan.” – UCIS Flyer

“MANY Australians will question the priority of churches which have posted signs saying “Jesus loves Osama”, Prime Minister John Howard says.” – Herald Sun

“I just sat there the whole night with my mouth hanging open. To even have the prime minister John Howard want to go to Edge Church just because he wanted to visit – thats huge!” – AnnaTsang

“PRIME Minister John Howard attended an intimate fundraising lunch with a violent Brisbane pornographer, who was facing charges of torture and grievous bodily harm at the time, in the lead-up to the 2004 federal election.” – News.com.au

In October 19, the Assemblies of God NOW magazine headlined its lead story “Deputy P.M. puts Jesus first”. Assistant editor and writer for the magazine, Paul Gallagher, had obtained an exclusive interview with John Anderson on a subject that went deeper than his public office “his personal faith in God… …Prime Minister John Howard officially launched the book in August 2006, declaring to a room full of politicians and media, “I am delighted this book has been written.” – AOG Now Magazine

“Mr Howard said al-Qaeda should be “praying as many times as possible” for an Obama victory in the 2008 elections.” – BBC News

“The Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. John Howard, officially opened the new 3,500 seat Hillsong Church Convention Centre in Sydney’s north-west on Saturday, 19 October 2002.” – AOG Now Magazine

“Back then, of course, he talked a lot about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction; that does not make compelling reading today. Worse, back then Howard said not a word about what would happen after Saddam was gone. Back then he was saying Australian troops would be home in a few months.” – The Age

My dear friends, don’t let public opinion influence how you live out our glorious, Christ-originated faith. If a man enters your church wearing an expensive suit, and a street person wearing rags comes in right after him, and you say to the man in the suit, “Sit here, sir; this is the best seat in the house!” and either ignore the street person or say, “Better sit here in the back row,” haven’t you segregated God’s children and proved that you are judges who can’t be trusted?James, The Message Bible

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[Spam] Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, The Eagle and the Koran (sic)

Posted by Lex Fear on October 3, 2006

A new and creative Urban Legend is making it’s way around the internet. D did the thoughtful thing of emailing me a copy as she knows I have a good Bullshat detector (kind of like a Bullshit detector but not as abrasive).

The email is as follows (100’s of email forward addresses removed), however I have interlaced it with my own observations:

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[Herding Sheep] Dismissive Responses

Posted by Lex Fear on January 22, 2006

Dismissive responses are intended to appeal to our sense of reason (I say ‘sense of’ since if it was a direct appeal to our reasoning then the dismissive response wouldn’t work). What the dismissive response is actually doing is appealing to our herd instinct. The ‘herd instinct’ basically protects us from free thought and the hard work of using our brains. So for example: Let’s say some verbally incontinent braggart is voicing a fact or opinion, and a counter-argument or plausible objection enters your head. You may even feel the urge to offer this thought up for the debate. So you speak what’s on your mind and immediately the pompous git dismisses your viewpoint with something that sounds like a reasonable explanation as to why your viewpoint is incorrect. In actual fact it’s simply a dismissive response to get you off the scent of their line of bullsh*t.

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What Did God Say?

Posted by Lex Fear on November 27, 2005

I drove to London yesterday to see an old friend who had flew in from Washington. We spent some time chatting and catching up with each other, then sure enough it got round to politics. Now I haven’t blogged on here about politics yet, and it’s not because I’m not interested, it’s actually one of my favourite subjects. I haven’t blogged simply because I have so much to say I wouldn’t finish. Plus there are lots of other blogs doing politics.

[Joe], my friend, is very worried about where his country is headed, the patriot act, invasions of privacy, all that stuff. I have to say I share the same sentiments. We shared a few jokes over Bush. I saw a cartoon recently, George Bush on the the telephone and the voice on the other end “George, it’s GOD, from now on try to play down our relationship.”

I can’t believe the hypocrisy of the UK and US governments at the moment. It seems odd that God would tell a bunch of guys to fly planes into the twin towers, and now it was God who told the President to attack Iraq. Anyone would think the God we have is some sort of Greek god of war, waging bets over the nations against the other gods like some sort of gargantuan cock-fight.

I can’t believe that opposition parties in both countries have failed abysmally to see the irony and the hypocrisies in the whole affair, so I’m going to point them out.

  • We invaded Iraq because Saddam had WMD, but he didn’t have any WMD.
  • Then they said it was to bring and end to a torturous regime, So we remove Saddam and inflict our own torture, but call it ‘abuse’.
  • Notice how if someone was stepped and forced into lurid sex acts in the UK, it would be called sexual abuse. They would probably be jailed then put on a sex-offenders list. When it’s carried out by our troops, it’s called sexual ‘humiliation’, not ‘abuse’. Because to abuse someone that’s just perverted, but to humiliate someone, well that’s just not nice.
  • We invaded to bring freedom to the Iraqis, but at home, we remove civil liberties and freedom bringing in draconian laws to detain people and use evidence extracted by torture.
  • We brought ‘democracy’ to Iraq and removed a regime that tortured dissidents, but Iraq’s own ‘US Trained’ security forces have been inflicting torture.
  • We got rid of a despot who used chemical weapons on his own people, and now we are using chemical weapons on those same people of Iraq.
  • hypocrisy doesn’t just end with the government. Back when the invasion was beginning, like churches all over the US and the UK I’m sure, at my church one of our pastors led a prayer for the troops. The only thing I could think was ‘who’s praying for the Iraqis, the ones our troops are killing?”. Now I don’t think we shouldn’t pray for our troops, but we have to not buy into Bush’s whole world view of Good and Evil. Too many conservative Christians are doing this.

I don’t care how much Bliar or ‘Burning’ Bush attempt to justify this war/insurgency or whatever, the more it goes on, the more ironies turn up… more and more it seems there was no reason invade in the first place.

I don’t even want to start on the home front and the erosion of our own freedoms, all I will say is the Brave New World of 1984, here we come.

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