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[Churchianity] Focus on Issues

Posted by Lex Fear on June 24, 2007

5 Issues the church is too concerned about

CULTURE VULTURE: The Environment. Sure we should be smart and not drop litter, we should do what we can to reduce our individual waste… but this is one of the latest examples of the church jumping on a cultural bandwagon rather than seeking to make a difference in peoples lives. Plus, if more people did their research, they might discover that there’s not much we can do about global warming, it may even be part of God’s design for the planet. Have you noticed how nature is always moving and shifting through various seasons? It’s is only human beings who want to stay in place, prevent change and establish foundations. Not that, that is bad, but we should realise nature does not ask our permission before it changes.

BIBLE BASHING: Gay Rights. Of course, as a Christian if I was to have sex with man, I would be committing a sin. However this would also be the case if I had sex with a prostitute. And being a married Christian, if I was to have sex with another woman other than my wife, I would also be committing a sin. Why does the church focus on one sexual sin when protesting moral decline? How many Christians are divorced and remarried? Aah but there’s extenuating circumstances… violent spouses etc… we should be sensitive and understanding. Then likewise, we should be sensitive and understanding to homosexuals. It should also be noted that where God is concerned, it is only the church that should be subject to this kind of moral law. But the predominant question is this: Why shouldn’t homosexuals be free from prejudice?

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[Bisexuality] Bigamy With A Twist

Posted by Lex Fear on April 3, 2007

From BBC News:
Lesbian on ceremony bigamy charge

A woman has appeared in court accused of going through a civil partnership ceremony with her lesbian partner while still being married to a man.

Suzanne Mitchell, 29, of Wingfield Gardens, Shrewsbury, appeared before the town’s magistrates on Thursday.

The mother-of-three denied making a false statement to a registrar when she married Caroline Beddowes in a civil partnership ceremony last February.

The case was referred to the crown court and Mrs Mitchell was given bail.

I suspect I have lost all my readers but to anyone passing, thoughts?

Referral: The Magistrates Blog

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[Homosexuality] What’s Sexual Orientation Got To Do With It?

Posted by Lex Fear on December 9, 2006

Churches and Christian organisations all over our nation are panicking about the new Sexual Orientation Regulations. SOR are due to be introduced by our splendid government in April 2007, after a parliamentary vote scheduled for February 2007 at the latest.

What’s the problem?

Whilst the regulations will not affect churches directly, there is a possibility that Christian organisations or individuals who operate commercially, could be prosecuted for withdrawing or failing to offer services to someone on the grounds of them being of a homosexual orientation.

But wait, let’s consider this in detail. The regulations are not against preaching, teaching or practicing the Christian faith. They are about treating homosexuals equally. In my mind, no church should have a problem with this. The only ‘service’ a church should be offering is the service of directing people to salvation. Therefore if a homosexual man walked into a church and inquired as to how he might obtain salvation, anyone he meets there should be only too eager to point him in the direction.

It appears that the regulations will affect the ‘Christian’ organisations and individual ‘Christian’ commercial operators (self-employed/business owners). Now, it’s conceivable that some Christian-owned businesses or organisations would refuse to offer services to homosexuals, but the question we should be asking is, what is the purpose of these businesses and organisations?

If you are a Christian individual offering services on a commercial basis, the only reason I can see for turning away a person of known homosexuality is reasons of bigotry and ignorance. For a start, you are not loving your neighbour, therefore not operating your business for the glory of God, and are ultimately giving up any right you had to class your business as a ‘Christian’ business.

If you are a Christian organisation, like the church, you would probably find no difficulty in complying with these unnecessary regulations, unless however, your Christian organisation is actually run for profit. There is the snag, you are refusing custom from a homosexual and are once again not reaching out with the love of Jesus. You are a resounding clang, a money-changer in the temple courts.

As for me, I don’t really care what regulation the government brings in, I will practice my faith and continue to worship God, and not bow to any regulations that would threaten to contradict this. Of course, I don’t operate a business or Pastor a church, so I have far less to lose.

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[Gay Dog] Legosexuality

Posted by Lex Fear on October 19, 2006

When Dodger was younger he used to date my leg. My leg broke it off because it was afraid of commitment, and wasn’t ready to become a humping post.

Here is a video of Dodger getting a backrub from my leg. Dodger was never sure if he was straight or gay, but I think from this video we can all agree, Dodger is a legosexual.


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[Gods Politics] Issues that matter to Jesus?

Posted by Lex Fear on September 23, 2006

Jim Wallis, author of Gods’ Politics weighs in on CBS…

“With 30,000 children dying everyday needlessly from poverty and disease, I can’t imagine Jesus thinking: the top issue on our agenda ought to be gay marriage amendments in Ohio.” – Jim Wallis

For being in the middle, Tony Perkins likens Wallis to a “dead cat or skunk”.

Video features on the Gods’ Politics blog.


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[False Advertising] Gay Police Offend Religious Offenders

Posted by Lex Fear on August 8, 2006

I’ve been trying to work out what it is that offends me about this advertisement that appeared in The Independent on 29th June 2006.

The ad was placed by the Gay Police Association (GPA) in advance of Europride in London.

Something about this ad was really getting on my nerves but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. After studying it hard for a long time, I found out what was irritating me so much:

“in the name of the father” – They hadn’t referenced their leading bible quote properly! I just hate it when people quote scripture and don’t give you the address of where to find it!

Oh well, I found a scripture that’s equally useful: 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Now before I’m accused of being a hater, I purposely left in verse 11 for the holier amongst us. I have no problem with the lifestyle choices of non-believers. (update: sorry if that bothers any Gay cops reading this, who are looking for more Christians to persecute).

But I have to ask, why do the police need a GPA? I mean, what does your sexual preference have to do with your ability to do your job? When I was 15 I wanted to join the police, unfortunately I felt discriminated against as they didn’t have an SLPA (Self-Love Police Association).


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