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[Misdirection] Becoming Aware

Posted by Lex Fear on October 23, 2008

I have often wondered why it is that people, Londoners in particular, ignore or avoid the easiest and most efficient ways of doing things. Instead wander around on some kind of autopilot for the most part, only to ‘sync up’ when other members of the herd are in proximity and become one giant retard.

Why, for example, when exiting the tube, flock towards the nearest ticket gate along with 300 other people, when simply going a few steps out of your way to the end gate takes you out of the jostling crowd and out of the station faster?
Why bump into or brush past someone on an empty pavement and stand within a foot of someone on an spacious platform (Londoners especially)?
Why be extra careful to drive at 29mph in a 30 zone, but not use your indicators, or observing other road users when turning?
Why lie for a mortgage you can’t afford, for an overpriced property, instead of questioning the price and value? Why do people want low interest rates and high property prices at all?
Why do company drivers lose their job for causing death by dangerous or careless driving, but not one Met officer loses their job for causing death by whatever excuse they are giving this month?
Why do people using a car park wait for someone to load their shopping and reverse out of a space near the exit, whilst I drive past, park in an empty space and am practically out of the exit before they’ve removed their seat belts?
Why do people in the UK still pay for a television license when it is not enforced (run by private contractors with no police or court powers)?
Why pay for an expensive operating system and anti-virus solution, when their are better free and open-source solutions for both online and to order?
Why, of all newspapers, is The Sun so obsessed with sex crimes and sexual deviants?
Why is Gordon Brown now hailed a hero for not-yet-even-saving an economy that he allowed everyone and their dog to rape and pillage till it was destitute?

I’m not asking these questions for specific answers, in most cases the answer is obvious… the point of my rhetoric is to question everything and take nothing at face-value. Which leads me onto the thing which inspired this post…

Ironically enough TfL have released a video under a new initiative for road safety. Ironic because they’re practically showing their own hand when it comes to how they form policy.

Watch and see…

It’s funny yes, and I have to admit, I didn’t see it coming either, but it does help to sharpen your senses.

So, do you trust your own eyes to see what is happening in the environment around you? Do you believe what you read because it is in black and white?

Here’s a little exercise, next time you are watching the news, reading the paper or out and about, try to read between the lines, try to deduct what is not being said and study the environment around you to see what is taking place.

You might just find yourself first in line or on a more pleasant journey because you were not willing to be treated like cattle.

HT: Neil Herron

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[False Flag] Why Border Control?

Posted by Lex Fear on September 21, 2008

The UK Home Office has released a series of ‘pat us on the back’ Youtube videos for online consumption, perhaps in an effort to show the British Public our fear and xenophobia can be trusted in their hands.

Immigration being a pet subject of mine, I was interested to see what Border Force was all about:

Now can someone please tell me at what point in history that all crime was eradicated in the UK, to the point where we needed to secure the borders to ensure that no criminals get in?

I don’t know if this is meant to make the British Public safe, or if people watching this get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that dark skinned people are going to be prevented from coming here to attack us all, but I do know that this has little to do with crime prevention.

Since there are plenty of white British home bred criminals on the streets these days, why even bother having some kind of border control (which only affects people who attempt to come to the UK legitimately)?

Simple, apart from helping Daily Mail readers to sleep better at night, border control is about economics pure and simple. Border control allows a government to control the movement of people, and to keep people in as much as keeping them out. It’s about taxes and it’s about the job market.

The problem with the UK population is that unlike our European and Asian counterparts, we don’t care to learn other languages and are terribly inbred. We have spread a love of English all over the globe from our empire years, but have neglected to nurture our own, and therefore Britain becomes a sort of swamp where people get stuck.

If the UK government spent more time and resource on bringing up education standards, encouraging Brits to explore the world, we wouldn’t have any problem with immigration.

So where do taxes fit into this? Without taxes a government would cease to exist. That is why you can be imprisoned for not paying your taxes, but not for defaulting on debt. Tax is the governments blood supply, they will fight for that above all other things such as security, healthcare and the economy.

Controlling the movement of people means controlling where they work and spend their money. It ensures that someone cannot live in the UK and spend all their money in France for example. It is why contrary to European law they still attempt to control the purchase of goods in the EU and fine people for going over their limits.

Border control is not for your safety, it’s for the safety of the government. A government that fears freedom and markets.

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[Spoiler Alert] Shows I’m Watching

Posted by Lex Fear on May 23, 2008

Here’s a current list of TV shows (videos) I’m watching. Just some blatant fanboyism. Are you watching these? Discuss…



Prison Break




The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Pushing Daisies

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[Conspiraloonery] You Can Keep Your Freedom, I Want My Liberty Back

Posted by Lex Fear on April 26, 2008

Let us never forget the terrorist visa overstayer rapist junkie innocent Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes. Executed without warning for running jumping a barrier wearing heavy jacket with wires sticking out a toilet break during a steakout looking like another terrorist suspect a management failure a health and safety failure.

This one has been around for a long time, but it’s so good it deserves another airing.

HT to Stef for reminding us the government never makes decisions behind closed doors about how to hide or spin the truth.

And for anyone who hasn’t watched The Bourne Ultimatum, here are the opening scenes at Waterloo Station. “Kill the cameras”.

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[Lying] It’s 11pm, A Phone Is Ringing In The Whitehouse…

Posted by Lex Fear on April 12, 2008

… but Hillary is too tired to pick up…

HT: The Osterley Times

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[Grinlish] Funny Hotel Signs

Posted by Lex Fear on April 5, 2008

Some oldies but goodies.

[Viewer discretion is advised]

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That 3am Phone Call

Posted by Lex Fear on March 22, 2008

Regrettably I haven’t weighed in much on the Democratic primary race between Obama and Clinton, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say about the subject. As a Brit I don’t get to vote on which President gets to decide on which policies our Prime Minister implements, but for what it’s worth I’m backing Obama.

Like God, I don’t claim to be a conservative or a liberal (but maybe more liberal leaning), so when I vote, it’s usually for who I think will do the least harm, or even just to get the current incumbent out.

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a long time will know my feelings about politics and the current President. I think the Bush administration has done incredible damage to America’s reputation, it’s economy, international relations and of course to citizens in various parts of the Middle East. America is a great nation, but the Bush Administration, especially men like Dick Cheney remind us of how easy it is to turn to the dark side.

That’s why I’m hoping for Obama to win. Not because I think he’s perfect, or that he doesn’t have faults, but it’s that he is promoting hope, change, he’s not resorting to negative campaigning and most importantly he is not relying on the politics of fear. It’s safe to say, that if Obama gets in the we may just see the end of this fallacious and idiotic War on Terror and most certainly the politics of fear.

It’s the politics of fear that were the motivation behind what is becoming known as Clintons’ ‘3am Call’. There’s a phone ringing in the white house, America is under attack again (presumably by motivated by the thoughts of a black Democrat winning) and who do you want to answer that call? Well, it seems like the little (now big) girl whose stock footage was used in that ad wants Obama to be the one answering it:

I’m not even going to comment on the damage that Hillary Clinton is doing to her own party and the Democrats chances of beating the Republicans for the White House. If you want some good commentary then add The Osterley Times to your rss reader.

For both myself and my wife there is something sinister about Hillary Clinton, an insincerity that comes across and is affirmed by her forced smile, her desperation and her rhetoric. In a comment to kel over at The Osterley Times I mentioned that I’d prefer to see McCain in the White House over Clinton. However I certainly don’t see McCain as any better. If McCain becomes President, he’ll make Bush seem like a man of wisdom and integrity. So I guess I’d rather not see McCain or Clinton in the White House, I think I’ll just despair.

Finally, I’m surprised not more people have picked up on this but when I first heard about Hillarys’ 3am Call and the question “Who do you want answering that call?”, the image in my head was not the one of Hillary picking up the phone above, but of this:

So for those that still buy into the politics of fear -and clearly many residents in Texas and Ohio still do- when that 3am call arrives and is picked up, do you want the President to tear up and get emotional or take affirmative action?

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This Is Such Bullshit

Posted by Lex Fear on March 19, 2008

“The world is moving fast to figure out how to reduce emissions with the help of technology. It has done far less to help poor people adapt. The report, “Indigenous and Traditional Peoples and Climate Change,” includes a kind of catalog of climate-related suffering already occurring among the poorest people of the earth.

In western Nicaragua, climate change has left villages cut off from crucial supplies, since the river that served as their supply road is too low to navigate anymore. “Basic supplies such as salt and drinking water can no longer reach the villages,” the report says. “In addition, the low volume of water means that pollution becomes concentrated and people are more susceptible to cholera and tuberculosis.” – The Herald Tribune: Poor are sidelined on climate change

20 years ago we would be trying to find solutions to help people affected by their environment, either by moving them, or teaching them new skills, building infrastructure.. today we simply stare at the situation and go “there.. that’s climate change.. that’s what it’s doing”.

That’s right folks, before 2006 the earth never suffered from floods, earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, ice-ages or warming. Before 2006 we always had one season (at least it seems that way in the UK), why just the other day I was affected by a new side-effect of climate change called “Winter”, and the forecast is there is more “Winter” on the way, followed by “Spring” and “Summer”. Oh what shall we do?

The real crime that is happening in the developing world is that environMENTALISTS are denying the poor cheap and easy solutions to their problems because they’re not green enough.

Of course there is one good thing that comes from blaming climate change on the problems faced by the poor… it clears our conscience of the guilt associated with our luxurious Western lifestyles. Basically, if I can switch off that bedroom light whilst I’m not using it, I’m doing a ‘poor little African’ a favour.

The UK where I currently reside, is a country obsessed with fads whilst at the same time being the most conceited nation on earth for thinking it’s leading the way, when reality is the UK is years behind in trends, innovation and technology than Europe, even the US and Australia.

Therefore I’ll make a prediction. By mid 2009, if not sooner, environMENTALISM will no longer be ‘in’ and something else will have replaced it as the number one political issue. Mark my words.

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Kamikaze Cream Egg

Posted by Lex Fear on February 26, 2008

[viewer discretion is advised]

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America’s Most Smartest Model

Posted by Lex Fear on January 10, 2008

For those who found Celebrity Big Brother simply too high brow this year, America’s Most Smartest Modal is being broadcast on MTV from Sun 20th Jan and from the look of this clip promises plenty of cheap laughs at the expense of those who put image before smarts.

As always, viewer discretion is advised.

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