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[Health & Safety] More Lessons In Killing For The Met

Posted by Lex Fear on April 5, 2009

I don’t think I want to be safe anymore. I don’t think I want the police to “protect” me from terrorists, anarchists or active protesters.

I’m not a member of the above groups, which means, being an innocent subject of the UK, my life is at risk when the security services are targetting the above groups.

Once again, security services were on high paranoid alert, itchy trigger fingers, or in this case, itchy baton hand.

And if we are to believe that the slaying of Jean Charles de Menezes was an honest, sincere mistake, WHAT BLOODY LESSONS WERE LEARNED?

I feel sorry for Ian Tomlinson’s widow and family. I feel sorry for the grueling smear and dirty tricks campaign that is about to befall them.

You know the drill by now, check the boxes which apply:

It will probably take about 3-4 years, and in the end they may be lucky to win a simple breach of the Health & Safety at Work Act against the Met, along with a “Sorry” and “Lessons have been learned”.

After all, if they can get away with shooting an innocent man, they can get away with shoving one too.

One Response to “[Health & Safety] More Lessons In Killing For The Met”

  1. Dr Melvin T Gray said

    Footage showing the late Mr Ian Tomlinson being followed and attacked from behind by police, corroborates eye witness accounts that he was violently thrown headfirst to the pavement and subsequently beaten by police batons whilst dazed and prostrate.

    Irrefutable evidence of a cowardly attack cannot be reconciled with false accounting in earlier police reports. Death by natural causes was the finding of a ‘post haste post mortem’ now discredited by revelation. Immediate action is required to address a public living in fear of violent and conspiring police. A government colludes behind the scenes, aiding the concealment of facts and the embellishment of circumstances serving no other purpose than exonerating state employees involved in state killings of civilians. A growing pattern of similar cases is sufficiently serious to merit International intervention.

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