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Why I Have Not Been Posting

Posted by Lex Fear on October 24, 2009

So, abandonallfear.co.uk is confined to the Internet archives, and there has not been a post on here for 6 months. Perhaps part of it is because I lost the passion for heated debates, playing devils advocate and a raft of other things. I let the .co.uk domain slide because my paranoid side wanted to avoid a future fight with any companies that would seek Abandon All Fear as a label – I just can’t be bothered to get into a war of ‘I was here first’. Secondly I don’t really care if people find this blog or not. Over the last year I’ve been reassessing what’s important to me, and aside from a record of what I think, and a record of a contrarian view out there amongst the hubris, I care not for the events and opinions of the current era.

But I feel I will be drawn out soon to comment on the state of Churchianity. You see, I’ve been trying to mainstream. After resolving personal difficulties with the church in general and coming back to God, in a sense, I’ve been attempting to bridge my controversial viewpoints and social commentary to a public real identity twitter feed. What that means is, or rather what I’ve discovered is, that the need I have to mock and rubbish the sacred cows of society is a core part of who I am I can’t get away from. But recently I’ve also discovered that it just won’t work, I’ve realised that there is a need to have a split online personality. Some friends and acquaintances are just not ready for either truth, or ideas that challenge their lives and careers.

There’s sometimes a need for anonymity, a prophet is not accepted in his hometown, and perhaps it’s because people are not ready to accept truth from those they have some kind of relationship with. It’s far easier to accept truth and wisdom from an anonymous source outside your social circle – perhaps because changing your mind over something need not necessarily be looked upon as an embarrassing turn around by people who are close and in the know. Perhaps it provides another voice with which to feel allegiance with, that you are not alone in your ‘extreme’ thoughts and can feel a bit more normal.

I guess there’s a need for Lex Fear, not because the world needs Lex Fear, it’s just me that needs him. A persona to vent about the things I see that drive me nuts. And if you agree with what Lex says, then that’s great, if you don’t then don’t worry, it’s nothing that in any way will affect how you live or who you mix with.

5 Responses to “Why I Have Not Been Posting”

  1. You sound down. E-mail me if you think a cyberfriend could help.

    I’m afraid that churchianity is all there is. I was part of it, I left it and all its bugaboos, god, heaven, the whole nine yards.

  2. Lex Fear said

    Thanks for your offer Cec.

    Ironically, I feel more liberated than ever in my approach to church. From very early in my Christian life I discovered that what God intended and what actually took place were at odds. It’s perhaps a testament to why I am still a Christian that I learned God usually has to work despite the church, not through it.

  3. I can see perfectly what you mean, although if you wish to share details via e-mail, I’m still there.

    Just this morning I was telling my girlfriend, a poorly catechized Episcopalian (Anglican), that Jesus never said anything about going to church, about gays or drugs, about abortion or even directly about sex. But he did say he would recognize the “good guys” because they fed him when he was hungry and gave him to drink when he was thirst, clothed him when he was naked (hmm … a ministry to strip bars?), etc., and that by “him” he meant all those in need of these things.

    Funny how an apostate ends up catechizing a believer. Dangerous thing an unbeliever with a theological education!

  4. Gayle said

    Why should an “apostate” even try to “catechize” a believer? But I do agree that your theological education is dangerous – reminds me of a line in a song, “he’s a devil not a man, and he spreads the burning sand with water.”

  5. HansDietrich said

    Glückwunsch zum neuen Blog!

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