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[Reader Response] The Israel-Lebanon Crisis

Posted by Lex Fear on August 4, 2006

Teaching children to burn flags, paint bombs, or kill indiscriminately without ethical and moral objectives is a spiritual abuse. It removes the meaning and purpose behind the conflict and replaces it with hate and suffering.

Last week I posted briefly on the Israeli-Lebanon crisis and my views. You can read it here.

I received a couple of comments from Kath, who is one of the friends I’ve never met, author of In Training. Kath is an American engaged to a British Royal Marine, so she knows what its like to be in a relationship in 2 different countries, as I am. We don’t share many of the same views on war or politics, but I read her blog and find it interesting what she has to say, occasionally finding some common ground! It’s always good to hear a viewpoint different from what you believe so I never take offence, and I’m pretty certain Kath doesn’t either. The comment that Kath made is as a follows:

“I wonder if you’d heard the actual background of those photographs with children. Might want to check out this site to get the story: http://www.sandmonkey.org/2006/07/18/the-fucked-up-pictures-explained

Also, I find it interesting that you are going after Israel for what you call “brainwashing” of children, (without knowing the story) but say nothing of Hezbollah or the Palestinians using them — which is well documented.” – Kath

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[Minitruth] Pentagon: Videos Give Wrong Impression War Is Violent

Posted by Lex Fear on July 29, 2006

Apparently, the flood of videos being posted by soldiers, on websites like YouTube, Ogrish and Military.com, are giving a wrong impression that war is violent, bloody and barbaric.

“Sites such as YouTube and Ogrish.com have hundreds or thousands of clips from soldiers, some set to rock music.

At their most graphic, they show the aftermath of suicide bombings and gunfights between coalition forces and insurgents.

Many include troops using foul language.” – BBC News Online

The Pentagon insists that this is simply not the case and these videos are damaging the reputation of the US Military, by depicting false images of people being killed and dying.

“War is all about fun. The enemy don’t really die, they simply pretend to be dead until we call the end of the game. Then it’s their turn to pretend-shoot us. Everyone is happy, no one gets hurt because we’re using blanks. When you see explosions happen, it’s all staged like the movies. We would like people to stop propagating the myth that war is about killing, when in reality it’s about love”. – Pentagon Spokesperson

Other sources are insisting that the videos are real and people are dying in the War Against Terror. But it’s ok, says Ward Carroll of Military.com, because in the end, “we’re not showing any videos of dead Americans or innocent bystanders.”

That’s good because seeing a human being die doesn’t really affect me as much as seeing a human being, who happens to be American, die.


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