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[Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes] Teething Problems

Posted by Lex Fear on February 1, 2009

So I had to go pick a theme that doesn’t show the post author, and since we now have two authors on the books I’ve had to do theme change.

Why am I not using a customised theme instead you ask? Because underneath this domain it’s ‘just another WordPress blog’ which has limited theme choice, and this is because I’m being a cheapskate.

The other issue I have is loss of comments. I’ve been doing some housekeeping and updating my older content and noticed that I have lost the comments for all my posts which originally started on blogger. I apologise to longtime followers from the early days, I have no way of now getting these back (without painstaking recreation of each one from the old content).

Ce la vie.

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[Metablog] The Time I Experimented With Colour

Posted by Lex Fear on August 29, 2006

I’ve committed one of the worst blogging sins… I’ve added an embedded media file to this blog playing ‘Everything’ by LifeHouse.

Sorry but it’s an awesome tune, and I think you should stay and listen to the end as you read. The media player is bottom of the left column if you simply must turn it off.

I’m experimenting with some colour on this blog too, and I’ve tidied up the links to other blogs. It’s hard to decide who to link from to when you run 2 blogs but I’ve now decided to go with ‘blogs I read regularly’ to ‘blogs that I check out every now and then’.

In other news, the date is set, I’m getting married in October, in Hawaii, to my lovely and delectable sweetheart, and she gets me… Overall I think I came off better and she would agree. I’ve been working on our webpage, it’s not public, however, if you are a real-world friend and want the link, email me.

Finally I’ve been working on another controversial article, my take on the UK Housing situation. I’m in the middle of research but should be ready to post the first part soon… keep watching.


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