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[Bogie Man] Gordon Picks The Greenie Vote

Posted by Lex Fear on March 22, 2007

There it is folks, the future PM (on the right) of the United Kingdom- miss lunch today?

Brought to you by Guy News TV

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[Bogies] The Plank In Your Eye

Posted by Lex Fear on March 4, 2006

Or “First Remove The Snot From Your Own Nose”…

Yesterday me and the IT Gimp were both in the office kitchen making our first morning coffee when in came Jason the Auditor, for his own morning caffeine hit. Jason is one of those guys who is always able to strike up a conversation about a lively upbeat topic, be it houses, cars or what the latest news is. It’s quite a good characteristic in moderation. This time Jason seemed very upbeat, more than usual, he grabbed some kitchen roll and honked his nose, hard, then he struck up one of his usual topical chats with IT Gimp.

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