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[Jobspam] Joan Jenkins has a Fantastic Opportunity!

Posted by Lex Fear on August 24, 2006

A while ago I blogged about an email I received from Joan Jenkins (joan@pjjenks.com). I had received the email in response to my CV which I had not even uploaded to the internet.

My post generated a lot of interest, I ranked quite high on google for search terms like “joan jenkins” and “pjjenks”. I guess there were others like me, who had received this email and wondered what it was all about. Unfortunately www.pjjenks.com only rendered a blank page- so they had me to fill them in!

The letter in brief promises:

“…to to make you aware of a home based business opportunity with our company, which now operates in 62 countries around the world and which has been trading successfully for over 25 years in the Network Marketing Industry.(1)

and they want you to know…

“…this business opportunity, which is completely genuine…” (2)

and urges you to

“…reply to us on the above e-mail address and we will supply you with the detail required for you to fully research our offer.” (3)

I got home tonight and discovered that someone had left a fresh comment on that old post on my old abandoned blog. Even stranger, the comment sounded like something I’ve read before. I’ve added my own emphasis and referenced the original quotes above…

“I responded to a similar advert – the best thing I ever did. (2) It’s a genuine opportunity, requiring hard work and brings the rewards in line with effort. Would strongly urge people to (3) request further information in order to conduct their own research into a (1) multi-billion dollar listed company.” – By Anonymous, at 5:27 Pm

So I’m posting an open response to that anonymous commenter:

Dear Joan,

Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog I no longer update. I encourage you to comment here, as I am certain that googling your name will start to point people towards this blog.

It sounds like a fine offer, unfortunately no-one seems to know what it is. May I advise taking some of those millions of dollars and at least investing in a website?

I’m intrigued as to how a worldwide company operates 62 countries around the world without a website in this day and age.

So, accepting your offer as real and genuine, as you say, I can only summise that the business you operate is:

a) Mafia related
b) Drug running
c) People smuggling
d) Arms trade
e) 2 or more of the above

Looking forward to hearing from you. You have my CV so you should find it quite easy to contact me.


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