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[Murderoch] The Power Of Association

Posted by Lex Fear on July 14, 2007

Does your church or ministry have a MySpace page?


Did you know that MySpace has an association with this website:


How? Because MySpace is owned by this man:

Rupert Murdoch. An Australian self-proclaimed born-again Christian who owns, amongst others, these media and entertainment companies:

times sky thesun

Murderoch has admitted he tried to use his media outlets to turn public opinion for the Iraq war in this interview below:

Bill Moyer has offered a short analysis of Murderoch’s predatory nature when it comes to forging his media empire here:

Perhaps the only redeeming quality to Murderoch is he allows himself and Fixed News to be lampooned in one of Fox’s primetime comedy shows, The Simpsons:

Perhaps this wouldn’t be the case if The Simpsons wasn’t such a profitable commodity.

I’m not asking you to change your ways, I’m just asking you to look beyond the first layer of public image and recognise who you associate with, enable and ultimately allow yourself to be bought by.

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[Murderoch] Lost The Plot

Posted by Lex Fear on March 5, 2007

Is it just me or has Rupert Murderoch bought ‘Lost’ for the sole purpose to use as a marketing campaign.

The fact he has decided to float the whole Sky ship (well, not entirely, using ’24’ as the rudder) on one show is just moronic, especially since this show can be downloaded from numerous sources on the interweb.

Anyone who cancels their subscription to VM for Sky just for this show must have very limited cultural tastes.

However if you were considering it don’t, it’s not worth it. The only thing ‘lost’ in Season 3 so far seems to be the script. Check out the sci-fi channel instead for what is probably the best American TV show so far.

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[Murderoch] Bloody Foreigners!

Posted by Lex Fear on June 29, 2006

Interesting debate today over repatriation of foreign nationals who are suspected terrorists. Reading Blairs response to one question, I found an example of the mindset that the Prime Minister and many Sun readers have:

“We have many people, I think almost 40, who are foreign nationals who are accused of terrorist offenses or of plotting or inciting terrorism and their cases are going through the court. The hon. Gentleman is absolutely right to say that we have got to make sure that those court cases are successful.”

I am assuming a successful verdict means those who are judged guilty are guilty and those who are innocent, are judged innocent? I am glad that the Prime Minister is backing the court process and committed to seeing that real justice is served. I also hope that this means any of those foreign nationals discovered to be innocent are freed and given compensation.

Speaking of foreigners, who the hell does this Australian think he is? Has Rupert Murdoch now been elected to represent the views of the British public? What gives him the right and the audacity to dictate to our politicians and influence our politics, when he is not even a citizen or resident of our country?!

Are our politicians so blind as not see that Murdoch is holding our government to ransom?! I say let him withdraw his funding for the corrupt New Labour project, and ban him from donating to any other political party for that matter!

Let’s deport this illegal immigrant and his hate literature now!


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