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[Iranian Guests] Captive Audience

Posted by Lex Fear on April 10, 2007

I haven’t said anything on the 15 British sailors who were taken captive by Iran. It’s pretty obvious it was a sick publicity stunt in order to goad the US and UK governments.

Ahmadinejad has to know that Bliar is on his way out and holds little sway with the British public or even elements of his own party. It is hardly likely such a dubious case as made for the Iraq war could be made for Iran now without solid reasons.

Regardless, it must be a harrowing experience to be taken captive as many former innocent Guantanamo Bay captives will tell you.

But the most striking element of this media circus is how Iran has unwittingly or otherwise, proved that there is no need to use torture to extract the confessions you want- at least not when it comes to British soldier-sailors.

Image: Beau Bo D’Or

I had respect for them when they refused BA’s complimentary champagne and for changing back into uniform once safely on the plane. Unfortunately they began to lose this respect as the truth emerged that they offered zero resistance to the Iranian authorities, going the extra mile for the Iranian propaganda machine and making money (with the exception of Captain Chris Air) from the experience when others who have gone through much worse situations have not.

Which is why I find Inspector Gadgets opinion the most common sense and on-the-money, that I have read so far.

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[Sheriff of Bloggingham] Blogwars

Posted by Lex Fear on March 21, 2007

Smitings being handed out left, right and center-right as Bystander the Magistrate rides into town during the high-noon hanging of the PC Dan Coffill Case.

Deputy Bystander stood and breathed deep. He had seen this kind of mob-justice before. But he had a job to do and he wasn’t going to be swayed by the baying crowd.

Deputy Bystander hollers “There’ll be no hangings today… not till the County Sheriffs been done wit’ it and it’s been judged guilty by the Courts

Inspector Gadget yells back “I AM the law Sheriff!”

Deputy Bystander then produces a warrant that states:
Sheriff Gadget is to be relieved of duties as he has become emotionally affected by the particulars of the case and has solicited the the help of the Copper Gang in bringing mob justice.
He then reads out the charges against the suspected justice miscarriage.

Sheriff Gadget concedes to the Deputy Bystanders argument but then yells “Let’s hang ‘im anyway”!

Well, not quite, but I had to build to a dramatic ending.

It’s been a day for smitings:

Tory Grassroots Declare War on Cameron referral: Tom Watson

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