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[Search Terms] Filipino Sex Blog

Posted by Lex Fear on June 9, 2007

This Post Is Rated: F for Fun. How are people googling this website?

Checking my stats this evening, it’s always fun to see what people googled to find AAF.

“immigration laws on how i can deport my wife” helped someone to find their way here. I do hope you can work it out.

“arrested handcuffed or handcuffs or handcuffing or handcuff…”

“dark side xxx” got someone to a Christian blog, which is not quite what I think they were looking for.

“threatening letters” No not coming from here, honest. Unless you’re referring to the ones I sent the bank…

“immigrant you shriek, 12 apostles”

“abandon pigeon in the street”

“fear of people named alex” Gets me number 1.

“filipino sex blog” Actually got me a hit once, I tell no lie.

These are all search terms from various points over the last couple of months, so most have slipped off the first page of rankings by now.

I’ve also noticed a few hits through a proxy search engine AnonyMouse. This allows you to surf the web without disclosing your IP address which is quite useful. Interesting since the hits don’t correlate with any critics so far as I can tell.

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[Freedom] Xubuntu…

Posted by Lex Fear on April 26, 2007

Is what I went with in the end. I am now posting this from my 266mhz, 64mb ram Laptop with Xubuntu installed… it’s a Xubuntop!

I actually had it up and running with the wireless last week but I found the OS just a tad slow to respond, as well as surfing. I then de-installed it and tried Vector Linux (also based on XFCE) which was reasonable speed at performing tasks on the desktop, but once I got the wireless going and onto Firefox the thing fell over. Xubuntu runs Firefox, but as I type the letters take half a second to appear onscreen. I still may go back and test Damn Small Linux, I also downloaded some over ISO distributions I will try soon.

I currently have no sound, the software updates take hours to download, indeed the Xubuntop itself took over 10 hours to install. But in the end the wireless is actually easy to install since Xubuntu has the drivers for my card (Netgear MA521). Video and even YouTube is a no go. I could do it but I’m not going to attempt to add pictures to this post. But it will be useful for the odd game (I intend to download Pingus) and for some lightweight blogging.

No links in this post, sorry but once again it would take me a while to load web pages! Just highlight any of the words and right-click, select google “…” to search for it (don’t know if that works in IE).

Xubuntu is a version of Linux and open source (‘freeware’ for you who are still hooked up to Microsoft), I’ll be doing a follow up post on my move to open source software soon, and how I almost ditched Vista for a Linux OS on my main PC! Unfortunately I shall be remaining with Vista for now (it was a free upgrade) but again, I can’t recommend this enough, if you have any one these below, step out of the boat and go for Linux:

  • A slightly older machine that could not support Vista
  • Can’t afford or refuse to pay the high cost for Vista
  • Desire to cut dependency on Microsoft
  • Want to get your hands on tons of free, secure and up to date software
  • A system that doesn’t crash or hit you with the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) every now and then.

And If you want to try an alternative to MS (and wanting to avoiding Mac), but are still unsure of Linux and how it all works. Don’t be afraid, there are

  • Thousands of helpful people out there on the forums,
  • hundreds of different brands of Linux for different levels of knowledge and experience

I recommend Ubuntu as it comes with lots of drivers and software pre-installed, lots of Microsoft Asylum seekers are switching to it and raving about it. It has great support forums.

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[Do No Evil] Google Staying Good

Posted by Lex Fear on March 15, 2007

Google raises the bar– and deserves an award for not joining the government suck-up Corporati.

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[Asinine] Google Search Terms

Posted by Lex Fear on October 12, 2006

At last, I have snagged one of those weird search terms, check me out:

google toilets designs in united kingdom

OK I’m 7th but at least I’m on the front page, 3rd if you don’t count all that Google directory crap!

Still, googling pjjenks gets me 5 0r 6 new visitors a day so that can’t be bad! Always a pleasure to offer bad publicity.


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[Tragedy] Blogger Beta Ate My Blogs!

Posted by Lex Fear on September 6, 2006

It’s a true blogging horror story, it wasn’t pretty…

It was a late Saturday night and I had finished making final edits to my blog template, getting the colours and the new heading all lined up, tidying up the links and shameless advertising. Finally satisfied, one final click back to the Dashboard, where I spy a an option to upgrade to the new Beta.

Cautiously I clicked for more information and was sold on instantly on the labeling options and the exile of Blogger’s wheel of update- 0%… 0%… 20%… 65%… 96%… 100%.

Then I did something utterly stupid and out of character. I was tired, it was late, the little teccie voice inside my head was indeed blurbing “Wait a minute, shouldn’t you test this with a new blog?”, but instead I just wanted to get ahead and so I entered my googlemail address and my blogs entered the void… purgatory… the black hole of Beta.

After emailing Beta Tec support and subscribing to Google Groups I didn’t seem to get anywhere. But lo and behold, Google truly giveth and Google taketh away… Google cache!

Basically my blogs – “abandonallfear.blogspot.com” and “darksidelight.blogspot.com” are gone and I don’t know when or even if they will be back. However, I was able to rescue almost my entire post archives through the glory of Google Cache.

If you’re having the same problem just google “cache:yourblog.yourbloghost.com”.

Since I was considering the merits of moving my blogs to my own Lycos-hosted server, blogger had merely forced my hand and so here it is. With my downloaded cache of old posts I shall soon be restoring and editing them to this blog, with the care and precision of someone restoring the Sistine Chapel.

For the time being, be prepared for this blog to look a little like someone who has come out of a major liposuction operation. Everything is there, it just needs a little nip and tuck.

My recreated blogs can now be found at http://www.abandonallfear.co.uk/blog and http://www.abandonallfear.co.uk/darksidelight/ Don’t forget to update your links!


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