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[Filesharing] The Cost Of An Idea

Posted by Lex Fear on June 22, 2009

David Dunham at CaPC poses the question “So is the judge making an example out of her or does this seem like a reasonable price to pay?”

I started commenting but realised it was too long and so I’ve moved my response here.

Let’s start by saying that these fines are supposed to be representative of lost sales.

Forget the fact that many people who download music tracks wouldn’t buy them anyway (and – shockingly – might even delete the crap ones).

What I think the lawmakers have glossed over is the fact that if you fine one person for *every* *lost* *sale*, then there should be no-one left to pursue for the downloading of those tracks she shared. Ie. if I had downloaded those 24 tracks from Jamie Thomas, it’s OK because she is already paying for *my* lost sale – as well as – literally – millions of others.

I’m pro-filesharing and I file-share.

I look forward to the day that these media companies grovel in the dirt – I’ll make no bones about that fact. Increasingly I’m ‘coming out’ to many friends and people I wouldn’t have before, because I see it as a revolution, a cold war, where as many people need to be recruited as possible.

I look forward to the day that we look back on these events in history and marvel at the ignorance of the politicians and industry that supported this 21st Century ‘House of Un-American Activities’.

I see filesharing as the future – setting knowledge, information and arts free – like they used to be before the 20th Century. Perhaps it’s not ‘the future’, perhaps it’s simply restoring values of the past.

Did any of those black slaves or their families who worked in the cotton fields see a ‘dime’ for their musical contribution to the blues? Intellectual Property is about as anti-creativity as I can imagine.

How do you prevent new ideas and human progress? Introduce ownership of ideas by long lasting corporate bodies to buy up and own *ideas*, then sue anyone who independently thinks up, tries to share or improve that idea for an arm and a leg.

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The Future

Posted by Lex Fear on January 17, 2009

A belated Happy New Year to all my readers who I can now count on two hands. It seems odd to be posting after such a while, I’ve been taking some time out as well as harassing other bloggers by over-using their comment feature.

Firstly, I’ve had some emails recently so I want to let those who have emailed know that I’ll get round to responding to you soon.

This post is about the future, the future of this blog specifically.

I think about the future a lot. I think about the current state of cultures and societies, scientific consensus, and what will those who come after us will say about this time. People who ascribe to old values, or belief systems that are considered a throwback to medieval times are mocked and villified. I see no reason that some of the accepted theories and philosophies of the day will be also be derided and mocked in the future. I wonder how many times a ‘new paradigm’ will be declared only to be shot down in flames when the next paradigm comes along.

I don’t think many bloggers or forum posters think like this. I say so because I’ve read their posts.

I like the idea that my words will be here for future generations to read and observe ideas were around at the beginning of the 21st Century. I like that people will be able to marvel at how insightful and forward thinking I was… or how spectacularly wrong I got it.

But on to the future of this blog. I have some interesting developments which should please people who consider Alex Fear to write things worth reading.

I have been advised by my site hosts, Lycos, that they are feeling very credit crunchy indeed and so are selling the web-hosting business. Some time in February in fact, this site will cease to exist… unless I transfer.

But I’m not transferring.

This website remains due to my ability to fund it. Apart from a small amount I’ve received from advertising, it’s funded by my own pocket. Whilst I like the idea of having my own base, as it were, something has always troubled me about this – what if something happened? What if I got struck by a bus and the funding no longer continued?

Though I wasn’t ready to contemplate a move, it seems my hosts have forced it upon me, therefore I’m going to be migrating this blog – to a WordPress hosted one. It’s not my first preference, I’d rather go back to Blogger, but WordPress hosting is the only way I get to keep all the comments and settings from this one, for now.

I’ll be migrating shortly, and I’ll be removing content from this site and putting on redirect. I may look and see if it’s possible for me to keep the domain name, without hosting- but admittedly and embarrassingly I’m not definite of how this works.

There is more news to come, which I’ll follow up with soon.

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[Terminators 2] War of the Machines

Posted by Lex Fear on June 21, 2007

This Post Is Rated: N for Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. Contains references to giant robots and how wrong they’ve all got it.

In March I blogged about real Terminators in the not to distant future, inspired by Prof. Prabhu Guptara’s blog post on the subject. I found an interesting post in Paleo-Future‘s archives recently: Gigantic Robots to Fight our Battles. Of course this was originally written in 1934, but doesn’t it sound like a feasible future solution to war and terrorism? Imagine, everyone could live in peace whilst nations no longer kill each other but decide who wins with robots.

Of course… this will never happen and the reason why is simple- death. Death has the final say, wins all arguments and wins all wars.

Suppose a future nation, for trade benefits, decides to conquer another smaller nation. Both nations have powerful robots/weapons and agree to go to war in some distant desert. Eventually one nations robots obtain the upper hand and win the war. Neither nation has experienced bloodshed, sacrificed their armies or lost any territory. So what incentive is there for the ‘losing’ nation to give up power and be occupied? No leader or nation is going to willingly allow themselves to be taken over simply because they lost a few robots in some remote location that did not affect them. The only logical step for the ‘winner’ is to then use their remaining robots and weapons against the nation they have won the victory. Even if they succeed to conquer without further violence, it has been through the threat of bloodshed, to induce compliance, not the absence of it.

But there is a greater threat to global freedom and democracy underfoot. Without knowing it, the world is in a new subterranean arms race. It’s the race for robots in which the Asian continent seems to be leading. It’s the robot arms race, specifically for robots capable of successfully identifying and exterminating (as well as rescuing and serving) human targets. Whoever wins this arms race will probably end up deciding the fate of the planet. The ability to deploy robots into any hostile civilian or combat situation will give the nation with the greatest AI, the keys to the world kingdom. They will either end up dictating the course of other nations for their own benefit, or we will enter another cold war where fear of our enemies robots both keep our fingers on the trigger and prevent us deploying our own AI at the same time.

The only viable way that an AI cold war could be prevented is in much the same way as the last one was ended- by diplomacy. It would require one or more nations to to pledge against using anti-personnel robots on the battlefield (much the same way chemical weapons are forbidden now).

Finally this post is not meant to represent a pro-war stance. I am and will remain anti-war. However as a realist, it seems that as long as their are presidents, dictators, borders and non-renewable resources there will be wars.

Read: Terminators

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