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[DeBushification] Obama… One of Us?

Posted by Lex Fear on January 23, 2009

There’s a lot of cynicism out there about the man, Obama. It’s not entirely unjustified either, our American friends did not get to experience the enthusiasm and promise of a young Tony Blair becoming Prime Minister and ushering in a new wave of ‘Cool Britannia’. That was before the Millennium Dome, the spin-meisters, Iraq, David Kelly, Jean Charles DeMenezes, the surveillence state, banning of protest… and don’t forget all along Gordon Brown riding on top of a spectacular bubble as though he had brought a new era of wealth – ignoring all the warnings by people more intelligent than he.

So yeah, I understand the cynicism about Obama. However I can’t help but be won over by the actions of his first few days in office. Most of us were expecting the usual settling in period, the careful introduction of new policy and slow pushing out of the old… not so for Obama, why it’s almost like one of us got into the White House and set about putting immediately putting right what has gone so horribly wrong.

And like one of us, he’s bound to piss people off, get things wrong and misunderstand the old, establised process.

Still, in just 4 days he has ordered a stop to torture, rendition flights and secret jails, put a stop on staff payrises, taken away as much power as possible from lobbyists, set the closure of guantanamo bay in motion, embraced creative commons, honoured freedom of information, promised to put Israeal/Palastine on the agenda (which I see as a snub to our ponzi Middle-East Envoy), and now reversed one of Bushes executive orders to keep former President records private.

I don’t remember any such dramatic reversal or regime change in history apart from war and revolution.

Although I don’t agree with Obama’s policy towards the global recession and bailing out financial terrorists institutions, I have faith that this is not the same old tribal politics we are going to see. It is plainly obvious that Obama has character and he is not going to do things the same way. I don’t think America will be the same either.

I just hope he doesn’t screw up. I’ve seen so many great and inspiring people personally screw up… enough to make you renounce your faith. When I hear people gush about Obama, all I can think is “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.”

So, if you’re still a die-hard cynic, at least take consolation in the fact that even if he’s not championing your own personal cause, he’s making steps in the right direction. Much like William Wilberforce took on the huge political task of overhauling Britains slave industry.

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[Cover-Ups] Test Case For Legalised Murder Under Terror Laws

Posted by Lex Fear on September 19, 2006

It turns out the execution shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes was a test case for the Met.

“It is not about diminishing the tragedy of Charles de Menezes’ death. We see it as a test case, not only for policing in London but for the police service nationally.” – Commander Moir Stewart

Gosh! Really? So did De Menezes know he was just being volunteered for a test case? What determines if the ‘test’ is successful?

The way I see it for The Met, if this ‘test case’ is successful, they have a license to shoot anyone they like in the head, so long as it is in the name of terror. If unsuccessful, the public at least has the assurity that if they do get murdered killed they can make a Health & Safety claim.


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[Minitruth] Pentagon: Videos Give Wrong Impression War Is Violent

Posted by Lex Fear on July 29, 2006

Apparently, the flood of videos being posted by soldiers, on websites like YouTube, Ogrish and Military.com, are giving a wrong impression that war is violent, bloody and barbaric.

“Sites such as YouTube and Ogrish.com have hundreds or thousands of clips from soldiers, some set to rock music.

At their most graphic, they show the aftermath of suicide bombings and gunfights between coalition forces and insurgents.

Many include troops using foul language.” – BBC News Online

The Pentagon insists that this is simply not the case and these videos are damaging the reputation of the US Military, by depicting false images of people being killed and dying.

“War is all about fun. The enemy don’t really die, they simply pretend to be dead until we call the end of the game. Then it’s their turn to pretend-shoot us. Everyone is happy, no one gets hurt because we’re using blanks. When you see explosions happen, it’s all staged like the movies. We would like people to stop propagating the myth that war is about killing, when in reality it’s about love”. – Pentagon Spokesperson

Other sources are insisting that the videos are real and people are dying in the War Against Terror. But it’s ok, says Ward Carroll of Military.com, because in the end, “we’re not showing any videos of dead Americans or innocent bystanders.”

That’s good because seeing a human being die doesn’t really affect me as much as seeing a human being, who happens to be American, die.


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[Churchianity] Titles You’ll Never See In A Christian Bookshop

Posted by Lex Fear on July 23, 2006

I always judge good books by their titles:

The Uncertain Life
Look Great, Not Feeling Great
How God Wiped Out Almost All Of Creation In His Anger
Closer To Hell
What a Messed-Up World
Living Paycheck To Paycheck
Running With Midgets
Developing The Follower Within You
Greed Is OK
The Life You Never Wanted

Some Titles I would like to see:

No, I’m Not ‘Alright’
Issues That Can’t Be Solved By a 3-5 Point Sermon
How To Stick With People When They Are Experiencing Prolonged Difficulty
Respect Works Both Ways
We Can’t All Get Rich Without Someone Being Poor/Ripped Off


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[Doublespeak] Inferred and Implied Meanings

Posted by Lex Fear on January 9, 2006

We currently live in a time where our government, elected leaders and leaders of corporate world rely on constantly on the use of certain words and certain language to disclose the truth, but in a way which infers something quite different from the reality. Take the example provided by the BBC today.

The article refers to a recent letter sent to local traders of Bournemouth by some sputnik at Dorset Police Head Quarters. The letter informed them that they should not report shoplifting thefts worth less than £75 and that detaining a criminal would be against the Human Rights Act.
A Dorset Police rep. has apologised for the letter and are quoted as saying:

“I would like to apologise to retailers who were led to believe that we may have
changed our policy.”


“While sent with the good intention of reducing crime, the letter… was a
mistake and incorrect”

OK, now back to your GCSE English classes. This exercise tests your powers of observation, reasoning and ability to recognise implied meaning. Circle A, B, or C:

Question 1. Dorset Police have apologised to retailers.
A: Yes
B: No
C: Cannot be certain

Question 2. Dorset Police want to apologise to retailers.
A: Yes
B: No
C: Cannot be certain

Question 3. If retailers had followed the instructions in the letter, crime would have been reduced.
A: Yes
B: No
C: Cannot be certain

The next exercise tests your lateral thinking, reasoning and ability to hypothesize. Answers in paragraph format:

Question 4. Dorset Police clearly “would like to” apologise to retailers who received the letters. What is stopping them?

2 points.

Question 5. The letter sent out was intended to “reduce crime”. How would not reporting crimes fitting certain criteria actually reduce crime overall?

4 points.

End of Test. How did you do?

Since this kind of inference plagues our leaders and politicians, I intend to point out more of my observations in the area of implied meaning.. be on the lookout!


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