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[Fools And Their Money] Property Investor Mentality

Posted by Lex Fear on February 4, 2009

Bet this guy feels like a right tit now.

“The place is full with slightly mad people, to say the least. Not a dangerous kind of mad, just weird kind of mad. The fact that a crash might not occur is simply beyond their comprehension. It’s pretty odd how people can be so ignorant towards possibilities. I don’t think there will be a crash per’se, but I wouldn’t laugh or disrespect anyone who thinks there is going to be one.

How magnanimous of you. Heh. Here he is whinging about one of his tennants, something he is prone to do every now and then if you read through the archives.

Which reminds me, I just refused to pay rent rise to my landlord for the second time in 6 months. Ho hum, I guess we’ll be looking at a bigger place for the same amount of money anyway come summertime. The lettings agent is practically begging now (they’ve bolloxed all the paperwork, something tells me they stand to lose a large amount of money soon).

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[Cupid Stunts] An Immigration Problem Part 3: Invasion

Posted by Lex Fear on December 9, 2006

“And what if a crime lord, paedophile or terrorist did try to get in to the country through Heathrow? Immigration wouldn’t notice anyway- they would be too busy interrogating the MARRIED COUPLE in the corner trying to start their life together!”

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If you read the first 2 parts, by now you are aware of my ultimate disdain for immigration officials and their complete incompetence. So far I have only verbally assaulted the British kind, but the world over they seem to be an entirely different race or breed of humans- born without the essential neural transmitters needed to understand the most basic of social nuances.

This is proved in the next example. 4 hours into our ‘visit’ with British immigration, an innocent Californian was sent over to the sin-bin. He was clearly confused, “I dunno man, I dunno why they need to interview me…” As we eavesdropped on his conversation with another poor woman stuck in Heathrow Hell, it soon became clear:

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[Cupid Stunt] David Blaine – Is There a Point?

Posted by Lex Fear on May 3, 2006

The world’s strangest man, David Blaine has begun his latest stunt, seven days in a human aquarium. Already 2 days into the current stunt, he is already preparing for the next one and has put out some ideas for his faithful fans to vote.

We Brits gave David a rough ride when he performed his suspended glass box trick in London a couple of years ago, which is a shame. Whilst we don’t quite understand the necessity or exactly what point he is making, we must admire his determination against the affliction of compos mentis.

So to show your support for David, please take some time to vote on the next crazy trick he should perform:

  • David Blaine to live in a Shipping Container full of manure for 40 days.
    Blaine will be sealed in the Shipping Container for 40 days with no food or water. He will survive by eating cowpat (cow-pie) and fresh water, which will be poured into the container from above mixing with the nutrition-packed excrement.
  • David Blaine to sit in a cardboard box for 6 weeks without cameras, press or publicity.
    Admittedly a difficult stunt to pull off for Blaine, but he is confident that he can achieve it. “This will undoubtedly be one of the hardest things I have yet to achieve… Being a wacko while the cameras are around, has helped me to retain a certain level of dementedness. Who knows where the craziness will stop when they’re not there!”
  • David Blaine to be locked in a large safe and dropped somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.
    Whilst the safe will be watertight, it will also be airtight. Blaine will be surviving without food, water or air for as long as he can. If the stunt goes wrong, he will tap out a complex rhythm with his fingernails on the inside of the safe door. However apart from possibly attracting the attention of a passing dolphin, we doubt his safety crew will hear him.
  • David Blaine to be locked up in Guantanamo indefinitely.
    Blaine will live indefinitely in a small cell in Guantanamo without access to press, lawyers or human rights.

Vote now!


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