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I Cannot Think of Anything Imaginative for the Title of this Post

Posted by Lex Fear on November 23, 2007

I didn’t do a meta post or anything but just so you know we finally completed our move to a new flat and I am impressed with the the unlimited (no throttle, no traffic shaping, upto 8mb) broadband service from Be There. I signed up on Friday last week and here I am this Friday back online (after a little trouble getting the line to our new flat fixed- I’ll tell you more later if I can find the time).

So I got a letter back from the appeals service against the Congestion Charge- the hearing in a couple of weeks time, I’m not attending as I think it’s a waste of time but I will be interested in seeing the decision of the adjudicator. I currently have 1 C-Charge and 2 parking tickets outstanding (1 ticket for being parked whilst I went to the post office to post my appeal for the first). I hope that after I’m done with these (for better or worse) I’ll be posting up the details for all to see in a new HIDI.

I have also finally managed to get TalkTalk to drop a final bill they were demanding of me for 6 months. I will definitely post a HIDI on that, it involves a complaint to Otello and emailing a few dozen TalkTalk email addresses.

Here’s a video for a retro text-based adventure (with a new twist) using an MSN Messaging window to interact with the character. It’s kind of fun if you have some time to spare and have read everything else there is to read on the tubes.


Please Note: It seems to me there is no objectionable content in this video but nevertheless, viewer discretion is advised.

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Hidden Messages

Posted by Lex Fear on October 31, 2007

Here’s the viral for Folklore on PS3. You really need to have the volume on whilst watching this. After the line “An Enchanted World” appears on the screen you can pretty much make out a child’s angry voice whispering something about global warming- I won’t tell you what it is, but it’s very poignant- no idea what it has to do with the game however…

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Just When You Thought The Mini Adverts Couldn’t Get Any Stranger…

Posted by Lex Fear on October 25, 2007

Check out The Other View, no idea what is going on but they have a countdown timer- new design perhaps?

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New Barcardi Viral

Posted by Lex Fear on October 12, 2007

The new Barcardi ‘Made to Mix – Bass Tins’ viral below.

I was contacted a few days ago (in previous comments) to ask if I was prepared to show some viral advertising on the blog.

I’ve signed up now, so, on occasion I’ll try to feature both good and relevant ones. Also, will have to work on my keywords.

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Nobody Move! Step Away From The, Err… Camera!

Posted by Lex Fear on September 24, 2007

Top police officers keeping the streets clean from filthy… err… cyclists and dangerous… err… blokes with cameras.

HT: Famous for 15 megapixels, I laughed so hard I just had to post it myself.

Does it worry anybody else that they are seemingly not aware of the law and are targeting very low level, seemingly odd, yet non-criminal behaviour.


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Bill Moyers On Karl Rove: He Poisoned both Politics and Religion

Posted by Lex Fear on September 10, 2007

“You have to wonder how all those folks on the Christian Right must feel discovering they were used for partisan reasons by a skeptic, a secular manipulator.”



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Should Greenpeace Be Given An ASBO…

Posted by Lex Fear on September 7, 2007

…for threatening behavior?

Pick a side? Seriously?

I think it deserves to be said that a 14(?) year old kid wearing a hoodie making threats towards me (prompting me to join his ‘gang’) certainly doesn’t bring to my mind thoughts of conserving environment. It’s not that I dislike hoodies, I myself wear them all the time, but there are certain times when they should be removed as sign of respect and to convey openness and approachability. It’s pretty obvious that gangs use hoodies to hide their faces, bolster their own confidence and dissuade confrontation. Latent passive aggressiveness that arises from a culture of fear.

It’s almost like having a football hooligan making threatening gestures whilst urging you to donate money to some humanitarian cause.


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Bush’s Empire Building Checklist

Posted by Lex Fear on September 5, 2007

Let’s see:

Torture… Check!
Pillaging & Rape… Check!
Puppet Leadership… Check!
Plundering Natural Resources… Check!
Slave Labour…


I originally entitled this post “America’s Empire Building Checklist”, but for a while I’ve seen America once again as a nation filled with good people, led by a corrupt administration. From the very beginning, the reason these atrocities have been allowed to occur is due to the lack of accountability in those at the top of the command chain: George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Condoleezza Rice, Andrew Card and Alberto Gonzales.

They were responsible for the architecture, implementation, PR and aftermath of the the Iraq war and yet when questioned:

They do not recall
They lie (yes, they did say it)
They blame the office junior
They ‘lose’ documents
They brush off criticism
The blame the opposition

Clinton was impeached for sexual harassment and subsequently lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinski. These people have lied to America, caused the countless loss of soldiers and civilians lives, and allowed terrible atrocities to take place. They should all be in jail.


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This Should Make Americans Angry

Posted by Lex Fear on September 1, 2007

The video has been out a little while, Gonzales has recently walked. Incidentally, is anyone else sick of hearing the words “I don’t recall”?

HT: What A Wheenie

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The Hijacking of Atheism by the Intellectual Elite

Posted by Lex Fear on August 23, 2007

When I was at school and college, I was used to atheism being an all encompassing default belief system, and atheists were like this (caution: these videos may shock and offend.):

Now, unlike some militant atheists who consider ALL people of faith to be suicide bombers (which I shall be referring to as Yellows Law in an upcoming post), I am not stupid enough to consider all atheists to be mindless, Godless thugs.

However, I think it should be important for elitists such as Dawkins, Hitchens or Harris to bear in mind next time they point fingers.

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