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RSS Clearout: September 2007

Posted by Lex Fear on October 20, 2007

The time has arrived again that I do a mad dash to comment at least one line on what piqued my interest last month. Unfortunately due to changing circumstances which will be ongoing for the next couple of months, I only have time to put up the first part of the month so here it is:

Scientific Enquiry

A video of the Stanford Prison experiment on YouTube. Many have pondered and discussed the ramifications of the experiment, the morals, the ethics, the reasons that seemingly peace loving hippies turned into Nazis within the space of a few days. Here’s what I think, they were too soft! I mean who’s really going to sit in a prison cell and forget it’s part of an experiment? The first time someone showed signs of perversity and domination, I would remind them that I’m a volunteer and then kick their ass, that’s what.

Amazingly accurate prediction of technology in 1966.

Holy Flat-Earth Theory, Batman

Would you believe those crazy creationists! They still think the earth is flat.

Oh look… heh, heh, heh… Scripture candy.

Goats help us avoid another 9/11… no, not really but it just sounds more interesting.

No… seriously… the earth is flat!

Jurustic Park, where creatures from a long forgotten (Iron) age are once again brought to life realistically.

The latest course on offer at American university, Indoctrinate U: Consensus Science.

Outrage… a Vicar instructing his flock on how to go about their lives, and the audacity to use Powerpoint! Something must be done to stop religion from being so threatening. No wonder the government banned Powerpoint use in private companies… wait… they didn’t?

Cranmer offers some insight into Iain Dales religion survey.

Those terrible Amish with their religion of hate are at it again!

Over at SharperIron Michael Osborne discusses Papal infallibility.

Political Expediency

TfL: “Hey, why not walk today!”, Phil Taylor blogged the tube strike, and the painfully slow end of the strike.

Gavin Ayling gives us another fine example of the police demonstrating it’s one rule for us, another rule for them.

Britain is now offering a DNA amnesty to the citizens of the world, sign up to become part of the great database.

CPS Prosecutor Malcolm Christy proves that there’s no lack of intelligence at the CPS: “If, however, anything can be gained from this case, it is its use as an example of the tragic consequences of using knives as weapons.” Genius! Why doesn’t the government just make a law that we all have to use pin cushions to slice our bread? How many lives would be saved if, in a fit of anger, someone reached for the pin cushion and attempted to stab their sibling?

Will you sign the environMENTAL petition banning water? Many environMENTALISTs will, as proved by Penn & Teller. Also showing us how to live contradictory lifestyles… Freegans. Next they’ll be telling us vegetarianism is good for the environMENT… oops spoke too soon.

Let’s hope that this ‘dog is more of a pitbull than a poodle and now it’s sunk it’s teeth in, it won’t let go.

Matt G has the summary of the spat between UCCF and NUS over the selection of Christian Union leaders. Reading through the guidelines, it does appear to me that, though CUs have the ability to restrict appointment of leadership to members of the Union, the Union itself should implicitly be open for anyone to become a member (at least that’s my interpretation). Will this work, who knows? I wanted to blog about this issue for a long time, but I’ll summarise my thoughts right now. Take a look people, these are your future politicians, scientists, business and community leaders years from now. 1 persons complaint led to this completely blown up fiasco, a pertinent question that should be asked is what are these ‘leaders’ of the Students Union going to do when they get out into the big wide world and start writing policies? It’s scary to think about- however I see it positively, the church always grows best when under persecution and we are closer to illegal, underground house-churches in England than you would think.

Prabhu Guptara experiences America’s Stupidocracy.

Here’s an example of why I don’t like Gordon Brown as prime minister, but am weary about voting for someone like Blair 2.0 David Cameron. Like an obvious opportunist, he jumps on the bandwagon of the Northern Crock disaster, yet does he mention anything about Browns record with the economy? Does he give any meaningful reasons why this has happened? More importantly, what does he offer as a solution or that he would do better? No, no, nothing.

Ortho gives us a list of nonsensical political platitudes, or, in other words they could be described as George Bush’s list of press conference bylines.

The War Against Pirates

There’s something familiar about the tactics used by the American administration and those of big video/music companies in attempting to enforce their copyrights. Inevitably, it’s the innocents who get hurt, whilst the opposition gets stronger. Yet they do not learn do they? Repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

The Canadian Recording Artists Industry (Canada’s answer to the RIAA) decides that suing people gets more money than simply taxing them?

Death by Internets

Been cyberstalked? Just be glad it wasn’t Russell Tavares.

WTC had an interesting conversation with David Shayler. Yes the David Shayler, once respectable ex-MI5 officer and conspiraloon, who dropped ‘conspira’ and just turned loon when he declared himself to be the Messiah. A pity, he seems quite an intelligent man.

Think your password is safe? Probably not, ask Jeff Atwood.

An incredible 249 (and still going?) comments were left on Cecilieaux’s blog when he posted one post about FJL (who is now by the way sticking to much less inflammatory blog topics of late). His follow-up post generated 114- still astronomical by regular standards.

Out There

Jesus Land

Another elitist spits out his dummy.

A road to Damascus moment?

Awesome War of the Worlds online comic from Dark Horse!

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RSS Clearout: August 2007

Posted by Lex Fear on September 9, 2007

The lowdown on my RSS feeds for August. Before I start, I just want to say that Google has now added a search feature to it’s Reader, which now makes it oh so easy to find older items when you have a vague recollection. Yay.

Missional Position

Garet Pahl of Mongrel Horde features a video of John Piper preaching against the prosperity gospel. I don’t think I’ve heard anything clearer and more concise than this as to why it’s borderline heresy and should not be an agenda of the church.

Matt shares some information on a new archeological find. You may not agree with the bible, but can you really still claim it’s a work of fiction?

On his blog Power of Suggestion, Elmo writes about a discussion with his brother-in-law based on Dawkin’s God Delusion. His bro-in-law asks the old and tired stock question “If God created the universe, who created God?”. Which could equally be said of the multi-verse. His counter-points analysis of The God Delusion starts here, including a link to B-I-L post.

We know the Cross, and the Ichthys, What happened to the Rooster?

A mega-church cancels a veterans funeral upon discovering he was gay. There’s a few things I shall say here. For one, it is entirely up to the church’s discretion who they want to bury. My question is, if the guy was not even a member, why should his sexual preference even come into it? If you’re going to bury people who are not Christians or church members then refusing to bury someone who was gay is hypocritical to me. Kudos to the church though, they offered to pay for the funeral to be hosted at another site, which I think is not unreasonable.

A huge debate exploded on Emerging Grace’s blog, over Team Pyro’s posters featuring their interpretation of the values of the Emerging Church. I featured one of the posters in a previous post. I thought they were funny as heck.

I had an interesting debate over at The Osterley Times regarding the churches stance on abortion. Notice how the Roman Catholic Church was brought into the debate without my reference to it, considering the God’s Warriors video was discussing fundamental evangelicals. More on God’s Warriors here.

If it was possible to reincarnate, how would you actually enforce against it? Wouldn’t it be like ordering the wind to get permission before it blew?

Cecilieaux makes some interesting philosophical observations on the state of fallen human nature (though he probably wouldn’t use that term) and the redundancy of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. It causes one to wonder about how we make and enforce laws.

Cranmer weighs in on calls to ban the Qur’an in the Netherlands. His Grace rightly asserts that books should be conquered with the pen, not with state control as this atheist advocates. Ironically, the Dutch MP calling for this ban is the leader of the Dutch ‘Freedom Party’. Presumably some people are more free than others.

Ex-Pastor Haggard still has some lessons to learn about humility, it seems.


The Guardian reported that house prices are destined to soar by 40%. It’s really up to the first time buyers, do you want to continue being conned? Makes sense that the banks would want interest rates to stay high unfortunate, but necessary.

Stef at Famous For 15 Megapixels has an innovative list of things to do in London before you f*** off out of here.

Probably one of the reasons for the runaway market has to be that home-hunters only take 17 minutes to make a decision.

You didn’t know that banks borrow money? Oh poor you. Yep, they all unite to keep you screwed. Who can blame them- they’re feeling the fury of their victims.

Credit Card companies have devised ingenious new ways to add charges. After 3… what a surprise!

Incompetent Leadership

The Osterley Times features a video of Donald Rumsfeld being questioned on propaganda strategies regarding the invasion of Iraq. Guess what, he tries to divert all questioning to everyone else before settling on “I don’t recall”. The only thing he seems sure about during the questioning is that they “don’t have a scrap of evidence” to prove a cover-up. See my previous post on these complete idiots who can’t ever recall. This man deserves no respect.

Should a man who cannot drive or ride even a bicycle really dictate policy for the roads, creating more and more ways to get fined? Well that’s what happens in London, read Neil Herron’s post.

Phil Taylor reports that Parking Services Councillors are to become mystery shoppers to test out Ealing’s parking enforcement. For it to be a fair test they should be given a job interview to get to in the centre of town, a cheque to cash and no spare change in their pockets. Alternatively substitute the job interview with two children to drop off/pick up from creche. Phil also noticed something peculiar about the Mayors propaganda rag, pretty faces.

If you were wondering how bidding for government contracts works, Dilbert has an excellent cartoon demonstrating this, via Ideal Government.

A council wrongly scraps a family car, another one of those fantastic policies introduced to fight crime which ends up being turned on innocents.

There is at least one smart politician in the UK.

LWTC gives a snippet of an interview between John Pilger and David Monroe on how individuals like Rupert Murderoch gets away with paying little tax. Also read his thoughts on boycotting the US and Israel (and UK when abroad), there’s lots of debate around whether boycotting should include vandalism and other criminal behaviour.

Camp Okutta trains children to in Canada to use AK-47’s and land-mines, which some people may think is wrong.

Despite how funny it is that Bush is once again saying the opposite of what he said before, his comparison to pulling out of Vietnam is only preparation for the inevitable implosion that is going to happen when America pulls out. This is why I say Bush, or one of the shadow Presidents need to swallow their pride and ask the UN to step in when they pull out. To not do so would be immoral and the only reason would be for them to declare, “we told you so”.

RedBlueChristian features some stupid quotes from politicians. I would have thought the post would be much longer given the wealth of material.

London Mayor again, this time he’s glorifying terrorism. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nelson Mandela, but I’m not the government setting ridiculous laws am I?

Media Madness

The Independent reported that a rich tyrant complained about his treatment in his attempt control the media and influence public opinion.

Elitist kids show their true colours. I’m not a fan of the Chav culture, and enjoy the odd joke but I sometimes think the reaction towards this culture is basically the same threatening behaviour dressed up in middle-class attire.

ISP’s grow concerned that the BBC’s new iPlayer might cause blockage in the tubes. More money for the building of extra tubes should solve the problem.

Josh at Silent Speaking noted journalist Stu Byofsky for the Philadelphia Daily News, was calling for another 9/11 to save America. Whilst it is noted that Byofsky later apologised, it’s not difficult to make a leap from that to conspiracy theories that 9/11 was an inside job. I note that many can’t imagine that the American government could be behind it, but governments have been murdering their own people since the beginning of time. It’s not beyond the imagination of this journalist that in a twisted bid to unite a country and find new sources of energy, a government would try to manufacture an enemy attack.

Stef writes on the importance of local knowledge and possibly coins a new (grr.) meme. Couldn’t have chosen a better title for the summit of the leaders of the worlds largest countries.

No-one disses The Hoff.

A sufferer of PTSD tries to justify being a murderer, but doesn’t succeed. I am not surprised since PTSD is not strictly a mental disability such as schizophrenia, I have had arguments about this before on the blog.

David Duff features a quote from Dr Dairymple and there is no truer analysis. It is not Times readers, it’s the poor who are the victims of most crime. Typically, those without a voice, who may not even have online presence.

Viacom once again act like pricks, this time they get caught out. Previous posts featuring Viacom’s aggressive business strategy.

Scientific Consensus

It appears Human and Neanderthal co-existed, shooting out of the water, the theory they were our direct ancestors. As Regis Nicoll points out, rather than question the theory, they just keep moving the evolutionary goal-posts.

Denyse O’Leary discusses a recent article by Phillip Johnson (the ‘Godfather’ of ID) on the exasperation of a Science Professor trying to convince his students of the Evolutionary process. The conclusion is that of a two-brained student. One that can give correct answers when questioned on evolutionary biology but holds personal ‘heretical’ beliefs. All I have to say is what I don’t hear many asking- If something is real and conclusive, it shouldn’t be too hard to educate someone on it. For example there is a theory that if you plant a seed, something will eventually grow out of the soil. This theory is proved and relied upon by farmers all over the world. A person would be crazy to argue against it, so why is it so difficult to teach evolution? Also, check out this follow up article on vested interests in the debate, and how hard-line evolutionists are shooting themselves in the foot.

Satellite data contradicts global warming hysteria, as the informed Wat Tyler points out. As I’ve been trying to warn people all along, it’s global cooling we should be worried about.

Baudrillards Bastard warns about the dangers of Cybereugenticism and highlights recent botched abortion in Italy.

A really good website from Alan Weisman, A World Without Us. It doesn’t seem to be making any political statement, though it did make me think of that other fiction event: the Rapture.

Technically Speaking

LWTC writes a post defending Microsoft’s new XML document format. Personally I’ve started sending out documents in .odt format. I don’t mind people emailing back saying they can’t read it and can I send a word document, but how else is the revolution going to get started?

Readprint is a new online service for free book reading. I’m psyched because not only can I now read 1984, I have bookmarked it into my new Nokia E65 web-browser which I can HTML surf through any Wi-Fi connection!

Has it really got so bad that Microsoft must now get court orders to force people to install Windows? One question, how is this going to be monitored. Do the authorities know about duel-booting?

Sony have been at it again. When will they learn.

Nacho from the Language Trainers UK blog, discusses affective connotations. Required reading for bloggers, I think.

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RSS Clearout: June-July 2007

Posted by Lex Fear on September 2, 2007

Part 2 of my attempt to catch up with my feeds. Read on for blogs/news that I had an opinion on but no time to share. Some good ones for these months so take your time…

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New Feature: RSS Clearout

Posted by Lex Fear on August 23, 2007

I’m starting a new monthly blog category today, entitled RSS Clear Out, for want of a better name. Like most people now I get all my news and blog digest via rss feeds into my Google Reader, which gives you the option of starring (saving) an item. The problem is I have amassed a huge back catalogue of starred items, things I wanted to read more of, commented on, or wanted to blog about, but have had no time to do so.

So from now on around about the end of each month I’m going to try to do a ‘clear out’ for the previous month with links to all items I’ve starred and possibly a brief sentence or two. Hopefully the impact is that you know what items caught my interest and if I thought a fellow blogger had something profoundly important to say (or something completely ludicrous either way).

Without further ado, here’s May and most of June (that’s currently how far it goes back):

Losing my Religion?

What A Wheenie features a video of comedian Bill Hicks ripping into the Bible. Not hilariously funny and aimed at the rhetorical right, Hicks manages to take some infantile assumptions and turn them into jokes, fair play.

A woman amazingly survives internal decapitation, I can’t remember what I thought to this at the time but it just goes to show how amazing the human body really is.

The Naked Pastor provided a 2-part post, My Vision is to have no Vision, which is counter to the popular mandate for churches to seek a vision.

Matt G is a blogger who I have a lot of respect for. I met Matt for a pint in central London a while ago and he’s really into philosophy. Here’s a post from Matt explaining what naturalism can’t do, related to a debate that took place on Yellow’s blog (more on that later).

Have Dawkins and Hitchens really got Christians quaking in their boots or converting to atheism? judge for yourself when you read what Southern Baptists make of their books.

An educational establishment demonstrates why UK has the highest levels of teen pregnancy in Europe. Rings are banned but condoms will be available so what we’re saying is under-age sex is okay, but promoting abstinence is going too far.

Meanwhile Gavin Ayling posted a YouTube video of Sam Harris preaching at a Brights convention. There’s a lot I wanted to say about this, most of it is inflammatory, elitist and logical fallacy, but Gavin already took a bit of heat in his comments from some anonymous cowards.


The theory of transmutation gets another ass-kicking as The National Geographic provides us with evidence that dinosaurs do walk at least swim amongst us. To me this hints that not only were dinosaurs at least capable of living in the same environment as us, it may even be possible that many dinosaurs co-existed with humans at some point during history (we just thought they were extinct when we couldn’t find them). But forget all about intelligent design, creationism and young earth for a second, is the earth actually hollow? Scientific theories abound!

BoingBoing feature a picture of Jesus cuddling a baby dinosaur. I think it was created as mockery of the new Creation Museum, however a BB reader sent in an image of dinosaur carvings from the Angkor area in Cambodia, as little as one thousand years ago. Restorers playing a practical joke or further evidence?

Stephen E Jones posts his comments on scientific articles that pose problems for the current theories of Evolution on his blog CreationEvolutionDesign. He goes on to explain why a new fossil complicates the picture of feathered evolution.


Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing wrote an article for information week: How Hollywood, Congress, And DRM are Beating Up the American Economy in which he gives a rundown on the origins of the copyright wars and it’s effect on global trade policies that has backfired on America. A worthwhile read. At least email is still protected by the 4th Amendment.

Open Source Consortium continues to question the BBC’s strategy in relation to it’s new iPlayer product.

Meanwhile The Antagonist blogged on the new economic of community: filesharing, “The cat is out of the bag. The horse has bolted. The banks have burst.” He also has some numerology spin and an interesting conversation with a policeman during the muslim cartoon demos.

Politically Incorrect

Onto politics and Phil Taylor gave his take on the journalistic standards of The Londoner.

LWTC247 gives an analysis of reports of an explosion in WTC7 before the towers collapsed on 9/11. Having watched a couple of documentaries myself, I’m not beyond believing it was an insider job, in fact I’m almost convinced. Also a very good article on apostasy.

Bystander reminds us, over the prison overcrowding issue, that he told us so.

Arts and Media Madness

A group of social scientists cut through the media hysteria when it comes to online predators and present the facts.

Beau Bo D’Or is still having trouble with ZOO magazine using his images.

The BBC shot itself in the foot over bias and then later shot itself in the other foot over the misrepresentation of Jerusalem.

And apparently bad drivers are good for the economy, I’ll remember that next time I beep, however, living in Londonland as I am, beeping is an accolade from other drivers for good driving.

Josh, on his blog Silent Speaking, discussed the witch hunt for a liberal scapegoat over the Virginia Tech shootings.

Did you know there was a Cross and the Switchblade comic book? I’ve never read The Cross and The Switchblade, but I have read Run Baby Run, Nicky Cruz’s own telling of his gang life and subsequent conversion.

Bishop gives us a short bio of Christian Slater and the decline in the quality of his movies, on his blog, Renerd.

Remember the protest over the British knighting of yet another non-military foreigner, Harry Hutton reckoned it was insulting all right, but not to Muslims.

// End //

That’s about it for now, I’ll be posting the end of June-July later, then hopefully I’ll be ready for a more update August clear out at the beginning of September.

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