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[I’m A Christian…] Get Me Out Of Here! 3

Posted by Lex Fear on March 18, 2007

One of your best friends is on the leadership of the Christian Union at your school/college/university. One morning they stop by at your dorm to confess to you they had a one-night stand with a stranger last night. You are not a member of the leadership, your friend does not attend your church…



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[I’m A Christian…] Get Me Out Of Here! 2

Posted by Lex Fear on February 28, 2007

Welcome to the 2nd edition of “I’m A Christian, Get Me Out Of Here”. Each edition I’ll be posting a scenario featuring a hot potato for christians to consider. Your responses in the comments:

A close friend comes back from university and announces he’s engaged to a woman 20 years his senior.

At no point can you call out “I’m a christian… get me out of here”.

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[Series] I’m A Christian… Get Me Out Of Here!

Posted by Lex Fear on December 16, 2006

I’m toying with a new concept and going to see how it runs. Each blogweek* I’m going to run a scenario strictly for Christians, to challenge your perceptions, perhaps to challenge my own. Feel free to take part (in the comments).

This weeks scenario:

Your brother/sister has never held down a job for more than 3 months since leaving school and has been an on/off job-seeker for years. He/She has no savings, lives with your parents and has no aspirations.

One day he/she comes home and declares to the family that their girl/boyfriend is pregnant and you are going to be an Uncle/Aunt. However, since both of them have no steady income, their boy/girlfriend wants to get an abortion.

At no point can you yell “I’m a Christian… Get me out of here!”

*blogweeks are like weeks but could be shorter or longer depending.

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