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[‘N’ is for…] BNP, protests and general annoyance.

Posted by BHudson on June 9, 2009

Well, the putsch has come off well, and the British Nazi Party have taken two seats in the European Parliament. As an extremist party, they won the votes because they appeared untainted by the uproar over expenses and the following witch hunt. Most people, of course vote irrationally – it seems to have been easy for some 0.7% of the population to overlook the racist fearmongering because of their concerns about immigration, and a general dissatisfaction with mainstream parties. Irrationality, of course, is at the heart of the BNP’s strength.

Nick Griffin, a man for whom I have many words and little time, is always denying his party’s racist ideals whilst endorsing Party style manuals with phrases such as ‘you should not refer to British Asians or British Muslims, for the simple reason that such people do not exist.’ Like all abhorrent groups, they thrive on oppression, which gives them a chance to whine about their freedom of speech and cast themselves as defenders of democracy. Now, I have very little sympathy for Griffin, and was even slightly pleased by the disressed look on his normally smug face as he fled the mob outside Parliament. That said, throwing eggs is yet to effect any substantial political change.

In this case, it has just let him say that they prevented him from bearing the scutiny of the media. Public scrutiny is what this party needs most. Protests are very well, but a few well placed questions in public would serve better to show just how racist they are.

Times is ‘ard, and people are angry. This produces the ‘perfect storm’ Griffin had been waiting for to give him a foothold in government. Perhaps it is the supposed detrimental effects of immigration (my view on immigrants is extremely simple, and rather unpopular these days, but that’s another post), or the fear of a loss of sovereignty, or anger at the mainstream parties, but suddenly the BNP seemed somewhat more palatable to the voters. An increasingly popular lie: ‘I know they used to be Nazi knuckle-draggers, but they’ve changed – they’re just like us, even if some of the Nazi knuckle-draggers are in the shadows.’ The truth – the Nazi knuckle-draggers are running the show. The BNP will never be civilised or worthy of a vote.

PS. Sorry for my long absence. This is really just an opinion article that seemed worthwhile regarding the recent EP elections. Now I’ve got more time, I might be able to come up with a couple of posts on political theory.

6 Responses to “[‘N’ is for…] BNP, protests and general annoyance.”

  1. Cecilieaux said

    I hear they are a “whites only” party. How exactly do they define “white”?

  2. Andy said


    Good to see you back.

    I have to disagree with you regarding the voters for the BNP – they’re not irrational – the problem seems to be (and it is here, in Italy) that toning down the racist rhetoric means that the anti-immigrant sentiment fits much better with more people. This is what we should be worried about – when people believe that what they say ‘makes sense’.

  3. Lex Fear said


    Sorry, can’t take credit for that post – it was Hudsons.

    I’ve heard the argument made that “Most [Brits] agree with most of the BNPs policies but don’t realise it” or words to that effect, and I must say from experience that in more than a few sections of British society it’s true.

    The problem with the BNP however, is not in it’s protectionist agenda, or other ‘reasonable’ policies, it’s the passive aggressive, undercurrent of xenophobia and hate.

    As you say Andy, it’s the sentiment. At the risk of invoking a Godwin, Hitler did not announce “Tomorrow we are going to smoke 11 million Jewish people”, instead he let society’s irrational and natural fears build up, he played on their insecurities, their pride and their xenophobia.

    If the BNP ever do get a foothold in this country, I foresee a rise in injustice for immigrants and people of darker skin tones. The truth is, most injustice is done simply by people ticking boxes and following rules, scripts and orders. The British government has created a society that mocks and disapproves of people who challenge the system – so that when the system becomes corrupted, there is no-one left to make things right.

  4. Andy said

    Doh! I should have read the ‘Posted by’

  5. mattghg said

    @ Cecilieaux,

    Apparently (according to this group) the following came from a previous version of the BNP website:

    “Membership of the party shall be open only to those who are 16 years of age or over and whose ethnic origin is listed within Sub-section 2 (ii) The Celtic Scottish Folk Community; iii) The Scots-Northern Irish Folk Community; iv) The Celtic Welsh Folk Community; v) The Celtic Irish Folk Community; vi) The Celtic Cornish Folk Community; vii) The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Folk Community; viii) The Celtic-Norse Folk Community; ix) The Anglo-Saxon-Norse Folk Community; x) The Anglo-Saxon-Indigenous European Folk Community; xi) Members of these ethnic groups who reside either within or outside Europe but ethnically derive from them.”

    @ BHudson,

    I agree that chucking eggs at the Nationalists is a bad idea, because it just allows them to play up to their “we’re so persecuted” line. We must have faith that, in an in open exchange of arguments, those wackos will lose in the long run – but no arguments are going to be openly exchanged if people aren’t allowed to hold public meetings.

  6. Cecilieaux said

    Matt, thanks for the clarification of “white.”

    Does this mean that a Frenchman or a Spaniard are not “white” enough for them? And what about Germans who have no links to Saxony? Or Austrians? And what about Slavs and Russians? Not white enough?

    These people are nuts!

    But we knew that …

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