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[Web Pointing] This Is Very Cool

Posted by Lex Fear on February 21, 2009

I’ve finally managed to wrest control of abandonallfear.co.uk from Lycos to my current domain provider and am now able to keep it for the next year or so, and point it towards this blog.

What is really cool is that doing a little test on google leads me to believe that any old pages that have been indexed at abandonallfear.co.uk with a p=? number eg. “abandonallfear.co.uk/p=123” will automatically redirect to the full corresponding page on abandonallfear.org.uk.

This must mean WP keeps all blog pages indexed via page, number and long-name rather than rebuilding the index for each option you select. Interesting.

One Response to “[Web Pointing] This Is Very Cool”

  1. Ken Brown said

    I noticed the same thing when I forgot to add a title to a couple posts before uploading them. WordPress assigned a number, so I went back in and added a title and updated the url, which made the original url automatically redirect to the new one. The nice thing about that is the trackbacks WordPress sends use the original url, so if you change it and someone clicks on the old one, they don’t get a 404 (I’m pretty sure Blogger does not do this, BTW).

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