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[Fundamentalism] Meet The Science Extremists

Posted by Lex Fear on February 10, 2009

Religion has Osama Bin Laden*, politics has it’s fair share of Stalins and Hitlers, Atheism has Auvinen,  Sport has hooligans and Hollywood has Uwe Boll (just kidding). What about Science?

Five Mad Scientists Who Went Too Far in the Name of Science

*or is that politics?

2 Responses to “[Fundamentalism] Meet The Science Extremists”

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  2. Cecilieaux said

    Religion has far, far more nutters than Bin Laden (who, seen from his point of view, is actually quite sane). Shall we begin with the Aztec sacrifices to the sun and end with Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid, with the Inquisition and the parallel Protestant torture and religious dictatorship that began under Elizabeth I?

    As a humanities guy, the sciences never struck me as a font of either virtue or truth (but facts, sure).

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