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[False Flag] Why Border Control?

Posted by Lex Fear on September 21, 2008

The UK Home Office has released a series of ‘pat us on the back’ Youtube videos for online consumption, perhaps in an effort to show the British Public our fear and xenophobia can be trusted in their hands.

Immigration being a pet subject of mine, I was interested to see what Border Force was all about:

Now can someone please tell me at what point in history that all crime was eradicated in the UK, to the point where we needed to secure the borders to ensure that no criminals get in?

I don’t know if this is meant to make the British Public safe, or if people watching this get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that dark skinned people are going to be prevented from coming here to attack us all, but I do know that this has little to do with crime prevention.

Since there are plenty of white British home bred criminals on the streets these days, why even bother having some kind of border control (which only affects people who attempt to come to the UK legitimately)?

Simple, apart from helping Daily Mail readers to sleep better at night, border control is about economics pure and simple. Border control allows a government to control the movement of people, and to keep people in as much as keeping them out. It’s about taxes and it’s about the job market.

The problem with the UK population is that unlike our European and Asian counterparts, we don’t care to learn other languages and are terribly inbred. We have spread a love of English all over the globe from our empire years, but have neglected to nurture our own, and therefore Britain becomes a sort of swamp where people get stuck.

If the UK government spent more time and resource on bringing up education standards, encouraging Brits to explore the world, we wouldn’t have any problem with immigration.

So where do taxes fit into this? Without taxes a government would cease to exist. That is why you can be imprisoned for not paying your taxes, but not for defaulting on debt. Tax is the governments blood supply, they will fight for that above all other things such as security, healthcare and the economy.

Controlling the movement of people means controlling where they work and spend their money. It ensures that someone cannot live in the UK and spend all their money in France for example. It is why contrary to European law they still attempt to control the purchase of goods in the EU and fine people for going over their limits.

Border control is not for your safety, it’s for the safety of the government. A government that fears freedom and markets.

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One Response to “[False Flag] Why Border Control?”

  1. Stef said

    Now can someone please tell me at what point in history that all crime was eradicated in the UK, to the point where we needed to secure the borders to ensure that no criminals get in?

    I think you’ll find that it’s about sealing the borders so that only the right kind of criminals can get in

    e.g. Members of an international crime gang were allowed to move to Britain while flooding the country with heroin because their leader had secretly worked as an informer for Customs & Excise, according to evidence brought before an immigration appeals tribunal


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