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[Outrage] I’m Going To Make This Pencil Disappear…

Posted by Lex Fear on August 10, 2008

Yes, I went to see possibly the most awesomist movie this summer during our little camping trip this week… just catching up on my feeds and came across this little item at The Register:

MPs lambast BBFC over Batman
Keith Vaz, IDS get knickers in a Knight knot
By Sarah Bee

MPs Keith Vaz and Iain Duncan Smith have weighed in on the hoohah over the violent content of The Dark Knight and its controversial 12A classification.

The Telegraph finds the Labour and Tory bods united in their condemnation of the film’s violence and disagreement with its certificate, which allows children under 12 to see it if accompanied by parents. Smith, the former Conservative Party leader who saw the film with his (no doubt rather embarrassed) 15-year-old daughter, said he was “astonished” the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) found the somewhat stab-tastic flick suitable viewing for anyone under 15.

Like Keith Vaz and IDS, I also find the film classification given to The Dark Knight too low, and was outraged by the number of children as young as 2 years old at the screening I attended… however, I have very different reasons for my anger.

Most of the kids were bored during the non-action important plot parts, and there were at least 3 chair bangers (flipping the seats with their feet), which really began to piss me off. It’s not just The Dark Knight I experienced this through, a few months ago during Be Kind Rewind – I mean what dumbass parent thinks their little sprog is going to understand 80’s pop culture references?

So I’m pissed and about halfway through the movie I decide to take affirmative action:

“Would you leave the f**king chair alone!”

Yes, I swore, I’m not proud of it, especially in a large room of which half the audience are under 10, but that’s exactly the point! The chair banging ceased, but me and D overheard some disapproving parental whispers “…shouldn’t just swear in front of children…” to which we chuckled. I mean, you bring your 5 year old to watch Heath Ledger play a psychopathic killer slash up good guys left and right and your worried about your little darlings ears being exposed to the F-bomb?! I mean, WT*?

Thankfully my experience of TDK was not ruined, but my feelings about cinema is. Thanks a lot BBFC, just so you know, until you learn to classify movies so that appropriate age groups can enjoy it without the idiot parents and their offspring, I’m going to stick to downloading. I can’t find a better argument for piracy these days than a visit to the cinema!

Oh and go see The Dark Knight, if you liked Batman Begins you will not be disappointed, just choose a time after bedtime… still with the type of parents bringing their kids to TDK, hell they probably let them stay up all night, drink and smoke anyway…


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