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[Evil] The Secret of Bill Gates Success

Posted by Lex Fear on June 21, 2008

The BBC News has a gushing article and interview with Bill Gates on their site:

When these criticisms are put to Mr Gates, he says he finds it “ironic” that he could be accused of such a thing when Microsoft had “evangelised” its software to other companies, begging them “please write software for our platform”. – The Secret of Bill Gates Success

Is that why their new Silverlight (competitor to Adobe Flash) software won’t work on Linux?

I only ask because for some reason ITV has done a deal to make their programs available via streaming off their website using Micro$ofts Silverlight platform. Which means I can’t watch the latest episodes of Headcases online.

Channel 4 also has similar restrictions, due to their 4OD service only being available for M$ Windows OS’es. This is apparently due to their program makers insistence on using DRM. But why then show 1 minute clips of TV programs interspersed with 2 minute long advertisements between each clip? What really pisses me off about Channel 4 is their lying free-beer tagline “Free Catch-Up”. It’s not free, it’s DRM’d, so why call it free? Why not simply say “M$ Users Catch-Up” or “Programs Made Available for Download with DRM”.

Oh well I guess it’s back to Bittorrent for enjoying content that is supposed to be freely available for all to watch. Well done to ITV and Channel 4 for passively promoting piracy!

Hats off to BBC at least for making their i-Player stream on Linux. Or is it just hats off to government for pwning the BBC and forcing them to make it available for taxpayers?

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