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[Conspiraloonacy] Is The BBC Anti-Obama?

Posted by Lex Fear on June 4, 2008

Sorry for the lack of theory or substance to this post, but I’m in the middle of a huge file system recovery at the moment.

I’ve noticed a slight anti-Obama / pro-Hillary slant over the last few months on BBC coverage. I was slightly suspicious but decided it was without merit. That is until tonight, on the first evening of Barack Obama as the confirmed Democratic nominee, in the background I’m listening to a Republican analyst and BBC correspondent on BBC World News discussing Obama in quite a negative light. Even now, the BBC frame his fight for the Presidency as needing the “older white woman” (their words, not mine). From BBC Online;

“He needs her to help heal the wounds of the Democratic Party and therefore his sworn enemy to become his most ardent campaign general.”

Obama Has A Mountain To Climb

Really? He really needs her? Campaign General? I can’t fathom why the pro-Hillary slant (and it is a very slight slant, easy to overlook). Could it be something to do with their global operations? Does someone high up at the BBC have ties to Hillary?

I don’t know but if I find enough time to look a bit further, I’ll post results.

Oh, and congratulations to Mr Obama, surely the next President of the United States! (short of a meteor strike, or crazed Hillary supporter).

6 Responses to “[Conspiraloonacy] Is The BBC Anti-Obama?”

  1. lwtc247 said

    I don’t know why the BBC may be giving off anti ‘Oh bomber’ vibes, He’s determined to persue the same foreign policy that the US has been following for over a hundred years now. Perhaos it was the correspondents own bias showing? That said, the BBC isn’t the imparital journo brothel it would have us believe it is.

  2. Hannah said

    Either way it could be ground breaking. Would you prefer a lady president over a man? Not that it makes much of a difference to me as I’m in the UK – how is it we know more about US politics then we do about UK – I can certainly name more US presidents than UK prime ministers (thats makes me sound like a serious geek!)

  3. Gayle said

    I’m afraid that just as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became pope rather than Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Madariaga, so John McCain will become president rather than Barack Obama. (imho)

  4. Cecilieaux said

    Rodriguez Madariaga might have been worse than Nazinger, who was already limited by his rep the minute he was sworn in. Anything short of shouting “Heil Hitler!” would be ignored. Oh, wait! He *has* shouted “Heil Hitler!” Never mind.

    As to the matter at hand, I’m surprised at the degree of pessimism I’m encountering in the US hustings regarding Obama. Is the USA *that* racist still?

  5. Gayle said

    Even if being racist isn’t the reason, you can blame it on that.

  6. MrTinkles said

    I’m glad it’s not just me…as you say it’s not particularly overt but it does seem to be there. It’s almost as if they blame him for spoiling her party and now he’s got to make up for it! Perhaps it’s that the Clintons represent that old school liberalism (USA version) that the BBC tends to favour…
    The “race” v “sexism” thing is interesting…I recall reading a bit of a rant by Elton John following a fund raising concert for Hillary…he claimed the only reason people (ie Obama’s supporters) wouldn’t vote for her was that they were sexist…but surely then, there’s as powerful an argument that the only reason her supporters didn’t go for Obama is that they could be racist…
    Can he win?…I’d love to think so but I’m afraid I very much doubt it…I think we will have four years of McCain (which I guess people will blame Obama for) followed by another Hillary attempt; and she may very well succeed with next time…oh dear, oh dear…

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