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[Accountability] Obama Will Review Bush Executive Orders

Posted by Lex Fear on May 29, 2008

If this is true, then the world is about to witness a defining moment in history, and I can’t wait!

“If elected president, Democratic White House hopeful Barack Obama said one of the first things he wants to do is ensure the constitutionality of all the laws and executive orders passed while Republican President George W. Bush has been in office.” – Deborah Charles, Routers Blog

We may never see Bush in the Hague, but let’s hope that he is exposed for the propaganda, profiteering, puppetry and the general disregard for humanity that his administration represents.

We can only hope that some of this will spill over and finally stick on Tony ‘Teflon’ Blair.

3 Responses to “[Accountability] Obama Will Review Bush Executive Orders”

  1. Cecilieaux said

    Reviewing a predecessor’s executive orders and regulations is a relatively recent development here. EOs can be quite influential, even though they do not have the force of law (the executive branch can’t legislate, the Constitution says). One of the most influential EOs was 11246, the one that called upon all federal agencies to use “affirmative action” in hiring individuals belonging to racial minorities or who are female. Oddly enough, the author was none other than Richard Nixon, at a time in which the political consensus was greater and liberalism was triumphant.

    Upon being sworn in, one of the first acts Bush took was to rescind for three months the date of effectiveness of any federal regulation promulgated in the previous umpteen months (I don’t remember the exact span of time). This was to prevent Clinton, who issued tons of rules after the election, from effectively sneaking in policy into Bush’s term. Regulations are also not law, but they state how the executive interprets law and can be very meaningful in practical terms.

    Obama is most likely concerned about Bush EOs that enable certain methods of investigation, detention and interrogation that might — ahem — be on the wrong side of civil liberties.

  2. lwtc247 said


  3. lwtc247 said

    Hi Alex. First off, don’t believe until Obama says it. You wouldn’t want to be Judith Millered! or Scott McClellaned right?

    Second off even if you do hear Obama say it, don’t believe it will transpire.
    Obama’s already made it clear he’s sold his soul and poodled the US to Israel.
    Isreals power amongst US leglislators is well known. The US constiturion perverting laws AND (i.e. not just…) the EO’s BuSh ‘n Congress signed are pro-Isreal, pro-ziofascist. Obama wont be able to restore the constitution or overrule the those EO’s. The lobby simply won’t allow it.

    Of course I too would love to see the US follow it’s constitution as it contains many elements which overlap with divine law. But the bleakness of power politics is not yet capable of being removed any time soon – unfortunately.

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