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[Abortion] Further Thoughts on Unmurder

Posted by Lex Fear on May 21, 2008

I’ve made my views on abortion clear on this blog before. I suppose I’m pro-life leaning but not solidly. One thing I have always advocated is the concept of full-term abortion. You may as well wait until the thing is born, then decide if you want to go ahead with termination. What is 12 weeks after all?

What I’d like to know is, how many of those celebrating the decision to stay at 24 weeks and the womans right to choose, bemoan the decline of intellectualism or the rise of immigration? Intellectualism and Immigration are two separate issues and I’m not trying to draw any association, but I do see two effects on the future of the UK as a result of this decision:

  • Immigration will rise, and with it particularly children of Asian and Eastern European origins. the White and Black British people will become the minority. The reason for this is the first and second generation of these people groups generally have large families and strong community ties. Whether or not this is down to religious belief, they generally don’t do abortions.
    Furthermore, we will need these immigrants to replace the aging British population which is not replenishing. If an anti-immigration government takes hold, then forget the current “credit crunch”, Britain will be destined for a permanent economic collapse.
  • Intellectualism will also be in decline (unless it can be bolstered by intelligent immigrants). It tends to be the upper-middle classes who use abortion as a contraception. The working class, however show no signs of curtailing their breeding patterns. In fact many girls look forward to the day they get to leave school and have a baby. Whether they want a baby or not, many aren’t even using condoms. I don’t hear of many teenage boys turning away the chance of a quick shag because they don’t have a rubber or consider the consequences of their actions.

Now, just as I’ve outlined my views on abortion, if you read back through my blog you will see I’m strongly pro-immigration. I’m actually pro-emigration too, I can’t wait to leave this damned country, but these are the facts of the matter. Of course, I have nothing of substance to back this up, however all anyone can do is look at history and look at trends.

For what it’s worth I really think what the should do is replace with or append to the abortion procedure sterilisation. If we are going to treat people like animals (ie. that sex is an impulse that is natural and shouldn’t be denied) then we should really look at offering the option of sterilisation and castration.

That’s right, visit secondary schools and interview 13 year olds and offer them a choice. Do you want to have unprotected sex anytime you want, or are you considering keeping yourself and raising a family. Since we’ve already successfully taught sex education by this stage, I see no reason why they would not be able to make a competent and informed decision.

Disclosure 1: I am a Christian, however I was at one stage, as a Christian, pro-abortion. What changed my mind was the testimonies, images and videos I have seen of babies surviving before 24 weeks, as well as babies embryos the same age being chopped up and pulled out of the womb in pieces. I’m in favour of women having the right to abortion, but severely curtailed to ~6 weeks, maybe less.

Disclosure 2: With regards to the health of the mother, or in cases of rape, I don’t really have an opinion. Suffice to say I think a woman choosing to go through with pregnancy in these cases is brave and sacrificial, worthy of honour.

I suggest anyone really wanting to get a view from the side of the fetus visit Abort73.com. Whilst it’s owned by a Christian ministry, the site itself is professional and does not contain any overt religious references. In fact much of the information presented can be easily presented from a secular viewpoint. From their ‘about’ page:

Loxafamosity Ministries, Inc. (LMI), the organization behind Abort73.com, believes that “secular” arguments are invaluable and even sufficient to demonstrate that abortion is an injustice of historic proportions, one which systematically destroys the most innocent and helpless members of the human race. You needn’t believe in God to oppose abortion. Anyone who cares about human rights, and understands that the right not to be killed outweighs the right not to be pregnant, cannot support abortion.

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