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[Service] Bye Bye Starbucks, Viva La (Coffee) Republic

Posted by Lex Fear on April 14, 2008

I have to admit, I’m one of those people who usually has a laptop with me whenever I’m visiting the city in the hope that I might be able to grab some time to sip a latte and surf, or just catch up on some work.

A few months ago McDonald’s announced they were doing free wifi, and although I’ve used this service a couple of times, there’s really a fine line between free wifi access, and trying to surf/work with a dozen kids screaming around you. Perhaps they should upscale some of their restaurants and restrict Happy Meals.

Well there is a new contender for my bean addiction and I’ll be making a fast switch to Coffee Republic now that they’re rolling out free wifi access for customers.

“The new service is aimed at providing Coffee Republic’s broad customer base with added-value to the service they receive in the Bars; from business professionals looking for a comfortable ‘mobile office’, to students looking for a leisurely place to download music or work on a project.” – The Retail Bulletin

This is what the laptop jockey patrons of Star Bucks have been wanting them to do for ages and they’ve been beaten to the spot by Coffee Republic.


5 Responses to “[Service] Bye Bye Starbucks, Viva La (Coffee) Republic”

  1. lwtc247 said

    Alex. I’ts been a while since I’ve felt rich enough to venture into one of these coffee shops. How much is their el-cheapo express? Last time I went to Starbucks (absolutely ages ago now), the coffee tasted crap, like an ashtray (and I’ve drunk a few ashtrays in my time – Party/Can of beer/beer left for a few seconds/ashtray) coffee from these places leaves me with a crap taste in my mouth but not just from the coffee but with the feeling I’ve been ripped off! What say you?

  2. Perhaps they should upscale some of their restaurants and restrict Happy Meals.

    They have – it’s called Pret a Manger!

  3. Alex Fear said


    I had a coffee there a few weeks ago (during a lunch break). Since I claim back my lunches from my company, I didn’t check the prices (bad habit, I know). I’d assume they are around Starbucks prices, the coffee was pretty good. Nicest Latte I’ve tasted was Cafe Nero, but their panini’s are shite.


    Yeah I’ve had sandwiches there too, do they also do the free Wifi or is it strictly Maccadees restaurants?

  4. lwtc247 said

    I’d assume they are around Starbucks prices – LOL. Thats something I cant debate. 😉

  5. I don’t think they have Wifi unfortunately. Cafe Nero is the best! Their coffee will keep you up for longer than a gram of cheap whizz.

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