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[Context] That Rev. Wright Sermon In Full

Posted by Lex Fear on April 7, 2008

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that the main religion in America is not Christianity… it’s Patriotism. Christianity is fair game along with every other belief, but to appear not to be a Patriot is not only a sin, it’s an act of terrorism itself.

In the age of the internets, the Salem Witch trials are replaced by cleverly cut and edited video and images by the media.

I wonder how many of those, swift to condemn Rev Wright in the past couple of months could disagree with this one in context. I didn’t hear him mention homosexuals, abortionists or feminists once during his tirade. But he did commit the cardinal sin of criticising American foreign policy – which is the Holy Grail of Patriotism.

The only exceptions I can find of those who are free to criticise American foreign policy and have not only their words treated in context, but to have their Patriotism unquestioned are the military. So perhaps Wright should really leave it to ex-servicemen and military-men to speak out on American foreign policy and not try to win too many hearts or minds in the near future.

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