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[Spam Poetry] Refuted

Posted by Lex Fear on March 30, 2008

Another edition for my new section capturing the evolving culture of spam, achieving in years, what a dozen monkeys and typewriter couldn’t do in 60 billion.


Hohe hoholulu

Become of tranquil soul. When a person abstains of their
nuptialsong. The night fell, shrouded who had vanquished
all the celestials with the the money i had taken from it
to my father’s purse, productive of grief. When bonds are
severed or of the impotently dumb. Rescued in the nick of
sprinkler. Fortune placed the ring in the basin, that might
be said but perhaps it could be better expectant of loving
regards from all her husbands for joy to see thee after
long absence all the also are very much smaller than those
of good jambu. Here hath been described the great depression
wheel, making circles from right to left. The begets upon
a spouse taken from the one order my wife first taught me
the knowledge of god,.
Martinolli Swor

There’s something elegant in the way author describes the nuptialsong. I haven’t really heard anyone describe the nuptialsong in this way. You can see a lot of time went into this work of art. It’s as though Swor is trying to communicate something, using a mixture of old and contemporary english words, and failing.

2 Responses to “[Spam Poetry] Refuted”

  1. Susie said

    I have a site (www.spamstories.com) dedicated to analysing and creating stories from spam text – you might like it!

  2. Alex Fear said

    Susie, thanks, great site – it seems I am on the fringe of a Bohemian Spam movement. I shall be checking out your posts in future.

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