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This Is Such Bullshit

Posted by Lex Fear on March 19, 2008

“The world is moving fast to figure out how to reduce emissions with the help of technology. It has done far less to help poor people adapt. The report, “Indigenous and Traditional Peoples and Climate Change,” includes a kind of catalog of climate-related suffering already occurring among the poorest people of the earth.

In western Nicaragua, climate change has left villages cut off from crucial supplies, since the river that served as their supply road is too low to navigate anymore. “Basic supplies such as salt and drinking water can no longer reach the villages,” the report says. “In addition, the low volume of water means that pollution becomes concentrated and people are more susceptible to cholera and tuberculosis.” – The Herald Tribune: Poor are sidelined on climate change

20 years ago we would be trying to find solutions to help people affected by their environment, either by moving them, or teaching them new skills, building infrastructure.. today we simply stare at the situation and go “there.. that’s climate change.. that’s what it’s doing”.

That’s right folks, before 2006 the earth never suffered from floods, earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, ice-ages or warming. Before 2006 we always had one season (at least it seems that way in the UK), why just the other day I was affected by a new side-effect of climate change called “Winter”, and the forecast is there is more “Winter” on the way, followed by “Spring” and “Summer”. Oh what shall we do?

The real crime that is happening in the developing world is that environMENTALISTS are denying the poor cheap and easy solutions to their problems because they’re not green enough.

Of course there is one good thing that comes from blaming climate change on the problems faced by the poor… it clears our conscience of the guilt associated with our luxurious Western lifestyles. Basically, if I can switch off that bedroom light whilst I’m not using it, I’m doing a ‘poor little African’ a favour.

The UK where I currently reside, is a country obsessed with fads whilst at the same time being the most conceited nation on earth for thinking it’s leading the way, when reality is the UK is years behind in trends, innovation and technology than Europe, even the US and Australia.

Therefore I’ll make a prediction. By mid 2009, if not sooner, environMENTALISM will no longer be ‘in’ and something else will have replaced it as the number one political issue. Mark my words.

5 Responses to “This Is Such Bullshit”

  1. Andy said


    Thank God (if you’ll excuse me) that someone has said it. The articles that suggest some ‘disaster’ is not unprecedented or anything to do with the ‘climate change’ fad are sidelined as they don’t make ‘good headlines’ with the readership.

    And nobody seems to mention that scientists aren’t always right and have made assumptions in the past that have been proven, later, to be just plain wrong.

    There’s nothing wrong with switching off a light and we should all be doing that anyway but this obsessiveness by the UK, currently, is, from my viewpoint abroad, quite insane.

  2. mattghg said

    ust the other day I was affected by a new side-effect of climate change called “Winter”, and the forecast is there is more “Winter” on the way, followed by “Spring” and “Summer”. Oh what shall we do?

    LOL! Today I even got snowed on, in London! Snow, I tell you!! It’s outrageous!!!

  3. StefZ said

    the new fad in 2009 might actually be how we’re all going to stop the climate getting cooler

    …tax rebates on 4×4 ownership, fines for cavity wall insulation and double glazing, energy saving lightbulb crushing parties, all sorts of fun stuff

    it’s all also worth pointing out the ‘debate’ is all about ‘climate change’ these days NOT ‘global warming’. The arse-covering has already been put in place in the language that is being used

  4. Alex Fear said

    Thanks for the response guys. I had second thoughts about the title but I was just steaming when I read the article. The missus was less than impressed but rolled her eyes and gave me the “if you must” look.


    It seems that popular consensus science is the fashion at the moment and I take considerable risk commenting on stuff like this since I’m a Christian, which apparently puts me and my kind in the flat-earth corner. Too bad the popular consensus science 400 years ago was that the earth was flat, and it was a christian who was trying to convince them they wouldn’t fall off the edge of the earth.


    You know the windows of my car sometimes fog up- it’s climate change in the making I tell you.


    How true, another sign of how the current elite are turning more and more to Orwell for inspiration. That way we can continually live in fear of the the changing climate. See you at the ‘2 minutes of hate’ on Tuesday.

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