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Book Meme

Posted by Lex Fear on February 4, 2008

I’ve been tagged by Ken over at C.Orthodoxy so finally a meme has worked it’s way round to Abandon All Fear.

Now, I need to say that I think the word ‘meme’ is just about the daftest word to describe the sharing of intellect and ideas, but I’m going to use it because it must really jar Bishop Dawkins that Christians are using it on their blogs.

Here goes:

  • Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
  • Open the book to page 123.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the next three sentences.
  • Tag five people.

Well it just so happens the nearest book is one I got most of the way through but have not yet finished and not picked up for 6 months. It was resting on the paper-shredder (for lack of a better place to rest it), which for a bibliophile must seem rather treasonous.

I am aware by revealing the title of this book it may put across a certain image of the kind of person I am, some may laugh, others may nod sagely and say I need to read it. The truth is I find books like this incredibly fun, interesting and useful. Do not for a moment think that I’m reading this from a position of need, rather think of it as sharpening a sword.

The book is How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie. The fifth sentence on page 123 is:

"For you have struck a direct blow at their intelligence, judgement, pride and self-respect. That will make them want to strike back. But it will never make them want to change their minds."

Five great minds:

Yellow (who has delinked me?!)

There were others, but limited to 5 unfortunately, so I purposefully included some guys I read and link to but haven’t commented for a while.

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2 Responses to “Book Meme”

  1. Ken said

    I would laugh, but I’ve read the book as well.

    I do think it’s funny how Dawkins’ term has been co-opted by the Christian blog-o-sphere, then again, he did call himself a “cultural Christian”! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for playing!

  2. […] last meme I took part in only got answered by Cecilleaux, I didn’t see a response from Yellow, Stef, […]

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