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The Car That is Fueled by the Blood of Farmers

Posted by Lex Fear on January 11, 2008

Green KillerPersistent readers will already know of the Battery Powered Death Machine, I now give you the Tata Nano aka ‘The (Death-to-the) People’s Car’.

From Private Eye (sorry folks, no link you’ll have to buy it):

“Although it began life in the mid-19th century helping the British sell opium to the Chinese, Tata is unique among Indian companies in the way it sells itself as a compassionate, socially concerned enterprise…

…This might surprise some of the farmers of Singur, the richly fertile farmland north-west of Calcutta where the car is being built. The 997 acre site produced three crops a year and provided a decent living to more than 20,000 people. But when Tata picked it up for its new plant in 2006 … the communist chief minister of West Bengal, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, announced that the land was to be forcibly acquired under a Raj-era law…

…Several people have died since the resistance began, including a teenage girl called Tapasi Malik who was raped and strangled by goons guarding the land.”

A small, cheap, fuel efficient car that has cost human lives… environMENTALISTs must be queuing up to place their orders!

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