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Whatever You Do for the Least of These…

Posted by Lex Fear on December 31, 2007

You know, I joke sometimes but I’m actually quite stunned by one of Stef’s latest posts.

We all know that people who sleep on the streets probably haven’t read a John Maxwell book, The Prayer of Jabez or The Purpose Driven Life in their life but the Whited Sepulcher Catholic Truth Bookshop at Westminster Cathedral has found a new low.

No room at the inn

Looking over the pictures again, is that a nativity scene in the shop window..? oh how ironic! No room at the inn? Well you can’t sleep in the entrance to our book shop either!

Read Stef’s full post.

4 Responses to “Whatever You Do for the Least of These…”

  1. Alex Fear said

    Comments are now back and working… sorry for anyone who tried to comment recently during the spike in visitors (I don’t check my stats often but I noticed a spike in the last few days)

  2. StefZ said

    As I hope you realise, I have no problem with Christianity, provided people claiming to be Christians at least try to follow the teachings of the person they believe to be the Son of God

    But I can’t help noticing that an awful lot of people who claim to be Christians feel a lot more comfortable quoting from the Old Testament or the apocrypha than JC’s direct teachings as recorded in gospels

    I remember a chat I had with a Christian a few years ago. He was very fervent about his faith and, as it happened, very rich. I asked him how he reconciled his wealth with his faith and I quoted Jesus saying that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God

    his answer?

    ‘Jesus said it was harder, not impossible’

  3. Alex Fear said

    Amen Stef.

    You know, people who are relying on that ‘eye of the needle’ clause are going to be the ones that find it the most difficult.

    Christians misunderstand this statement from Jesus. Let’s put it another way, it’s the difference between turning up 3 hours early for check-in and trying to time it so you arrive at the airport the minute the flight takes off (leaving no room for delay). Those who seek wealth and power, whilst at the same time trying to hold onto their faith, are going to find themselves perilously close to missing their ‘flight’.

    Of course, wealth is relative, so I think delving deeper into the verse, it has to be about seeking or trying to hold onto wealth and power.

    Jesus once challenged a rich man to give away all his wealth. He didn’t challenge everyone to do this, but Jesus knew that the mans wealth meant more to him than following God.

    I’m no fool though, sure I’d like to be rich, it’d make things easier. I was just remarking to D (Mrs Fear) this is in fact the first January I haven’t run of money halfway through the month, or even had worries about money- I’m even credit card free as of December. But at the same time, I don’t rely on God as much, I’m not praying as much or as desperately as I used to. As I become wealthier my need of God grows less, and with it my need to feel accountable.

  4. mattghg said

    And allowing homeless people to sleep in your doorway is some distance from giving all your money away. Shocking story.

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