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Humans… Universal Truths

Posted by Lex Fear on December 22, 2007

  • We all have the same number of hours in the day
  • We will all die (at least once)
  • We all need to squat/sit at least once or twice a day to take a dump
  • We all need to eat
  • We were all at one stage helpless and vulnerable and dependent on adults
  • We all need to sleep

It seems to me these truths are undeniable facts. They are beyond social status, cultural identity, prejudice and are irrefutable. So why is there so much inequality? Why do some have more and some have less?

It seems to me that people rise or fallLa estratégia que se uasa en el juego en un juegos poquer convencional es muy diferente de los juegos de poquer online. based on two things, the action or inaction of others. I can’t think of any other factor.

Are there any other universal truths that can be included? Is there any other divisible reason other than action or inaction?

Comments please… I should like to see my thoughts challenged and test yours.

6 Responses to “Humans… Universal Truths”

  1. Andy said

    All true but I would change the sentence to ‘the actions and inactions of themselves and others’

  2. Alex Fear said

    But would you really say it has anything to do with their own actions or inactions?

    For example no-one can lead a group of people unless those people allow them to lead, either by support or by indifference. Similarly no-one becomes a millionaire unless people want to give their money to that person (for a product, service etc…)

    I’m really trying to get to the bare bones here, of course you need to take action yourself to eat, or to earn money (to eat) but even in earning money, you are earning it because someone else is paying you for a product or service.

    Do you agree/disagree?

  3. Andy said

    I agree….sort of.

    I mean, no-one can lead without people willing to be lead – but a person has to have the will to lead in the first place. No-one becomes a millionaire (except by birth) unless people buy the product or services – but that person has to take the idea and put it forward.

    And, yes, you are earning money because someone is paying you – but unless you go out there and ‘put yourself about’ the job doesn’t happen.

    So, in my opinion, it still requires effort/action by that person.

  4. Alex Fear said

    You are right, and I’m putting that forward as the premise. By simply living we are doing things, we are having an effect on the world (in some cases so does our dying). So perhaps it would be better to state the “reaction or inaction of others”.

    I’m going away for a few days so I won’t be able to react to any further comments. Merry Christmas, Andy… and to all readers!

  5. Alex, I’m not sure where you planned to go with this, but here’s a thought: “A biological analysis of a deed is like a chemical analysis of a painting. It is not false, but it does not account for what makes the paints into a painting. It stops before the essential part of the story starts.”

  6. Alex Fear said


    I like your analogy and I’ve heard similar before. I guess, to use your analogy, we are all given the same number of paints and the same size canvas, however it is down to others to appreciate what we’ve done to make it worth something.

    Of course, there is the sentimental worth of these things, I’m just commenting on how I have exactly the same number of hours in the day as, say, Prince Charles (just a random person I thought up). What gives Prince Charles his wealth and power – well it is the absence of a revolution from the British people. At the same time, if I tried to emulate Prince Charles (walk, talk and do everything he does), people would simply think I was odd, but no-one would elect me the next King of England.

    I think many people believe that we make our own destiny from what we put into life, but if that was the case, why are there people who work hard and yet end up poor.

    I think about it, and I think it’s not just what you do, it’s what others make of what you do.

    Perhaps I’ve oversimplified it, but essentially we are the product of our environment and I think we cannot escape that.

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