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I Cannot Think of Anything Imaginative for the Title of this Post

Posted by Lex Fear on November 23, 2007

I didn’t do a meta post or anything but just so you know we finally completed our move to a new flat and I am impressed with the the unlimited (no throttle, no traffic shaping, upto 8mb) broadband service from Be There. I signed up on Friday last week and here I am this Friday back online (after a little trouble getting the line to our new flat fixed- I’ll tell you more later if I can find the time).

So I got a letter back from the appeals service against the Congestion Charge- the hearing in a couple of weeks time, I’m not attending as I think it’s a waste of time but I will be interested in seeing the decision of the adjudicator. I currently have 1 C-Charge and 2 parking tickets outstanding (1 ticket for being parked whilst I went to the post office to post my appeal for the first). I hope that after I’m done with these (for better or worse) I’ll be posting up the details for all to see in a new HIDI.

I have also finally managed to get TalkTalk to drop a final bill they were demanding of me for 6 months. I will definitely post a HIDI on that, it involves a complaint to Otello and emailing a few dozen TalkTalk email addresses.

Here’s a video for a retro text-based adventure (with a new twist) using an MSN Messaging window to interact with the character. It’s kind of fun if you have some time to spare and have read everything else there is to read on the tubes.


Please Note: It seems to me there is no objectionable content in this video but nevertheless, viewer discretion is advised.

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