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Students. Should they all be marched out into the cold and shot?

Posted by Lex Fear on November 6, 2007

Bill Sticker recently emailed me to ask if I could help a fellow blogger in need:

“A fellow blogger needs a grand to continue with medical school, and needs it within two weeks.  Now I’ve met Merys, she’s a good kid going through a tough patch and I wonder if you can help.  All donations, a pound, a tenner, pennies even are needed to save a career.”

I’m not normally one for blogger appeals, we all have our problems, but being myself a former ‘drain on society’ I can resonate with what Merys is going through right now.

In the last year of my own study at University, I struggled with finances so much so that it really did affect my study and at one point I was going to ask for a reprieve to finish off my second term the next year. I was talked out of it in the end, and with the richness and generosity of my own friends, I got through.

Merys works 2 jobs (one as a nurse as part of her training, the other as a barmaid) so it’s not like she’s blown all her money partying, therefore I join Bill in asking readers here if they can spare a few quid to help her meet her funding.

Read Bill Stickers post: Save Merys

Merys’s blog (I Am Not A Drain On Society) has a Paypal donate button on it. Her humble appeal is here: Seriously, I wouldn’t ask if my career didn’t depend upon it

3 Responses to “Students. Should they all be marched out into the cold and shot?”

  1. lwtc247 said

    Hi Alex. I have to ask, has Merys exhausted the ‘student loans’ process?

    I too had it tough at Uni, although some of that was my fault from beer and baccy! I think most feel the long financial pinch.

    One University I was at issued Student Hardship loans. The had to meet the Chaplin for a short interview (for vetting). I presume there are other sources of funding out there too.

    If she struggles to get the money, I am sure that if she promeised to pay people back then money would be more forthcoming.

    P.S. I’m on wordpress now. http://lwtc247.wordpress.com

  2. Hi, thanks for all the help you guys have given me. Just to clarify, my university does have a hardship scheme, but I was deemed ineligible. I applied for everything my university had on offer, and was refused them all because I do work.
    While they appreciated that some of my funding had been withdrawn, there was nothing they could do.
    The student loan company penalises graduate students and gives them only a maintenance loan, which just covers my fees only. Sadly, I also have rent to pay.
    C’est la vie. Thank you again to all the people who’ve supported me with donations. I can breathe a sigh of relief now!

  3. Merys,

    I’m glad you met your target. I did qualify for the hardship fund but it was still difficult for me, I also had to work one or two jobs whilst fellow students went out and partied. I learned a whole lot more about life and people though. And the work experience put me ahead of my peers later on.

    I would caution you about anyone (friends, family, banks, financial advisers) telling you to take out further loans or credit cards to solve this problem (if they haven’t yet I’m sure someone will). I had this advice and was told I’d be find because as soon as I finished and started my job I would be able to pay it back straight away.

    I loaded up 4 credit cards with a 2 grand, when I finished I couldn’t get an IT job and ended up working in a call centre for a year. It was more trouble than if I had simply tried to find other ways (working more hours, selling stuff, moving closer to the university).

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