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RSS Clearout: September 2007

Posted by Lex Fear on October 20, 2007

The time has arrived again that I do a mad dash to comment at least one line on what piqued my interest last month. Unfortunately due to changing circumstances which will be ongoing for the next couple of months, I only have time to put up the first part of the month so here it is:

Scientific Enquiry

A video of the Stanford Prison experiment on YouTube. Many have pondered and discussed the ramifications of the experiment, the morals, the ethics, the reasons that seemingly peace loving hippies turned into Nazis within the space of a few days. Here’s what I think, they were too soft! I mean who’s really going to sit in a prison cell and forget it’s part of an experiment? The first time someone showed signs of perversity and domination, I would remind them that I’m a volunteer and then kick their ass, that’s what.

Amazingly accurate prediction of technology in 1966.

Holy Flat-Earth Theory, Batman

Would you believe those crazy creationists! They still think the earth is flat.

Oh look… heh, heh, heh… Scripture candy.

Goats help us avoid another 9/11… no, not really but it just sounds more interesting.

No… seriously… the earth is flat!

Jurustic Park, where creatures from a long forgotten (Iron) age are once again brought to life realistically.

The latest course on offer at American university, Indoctrinate U: Consensus Science.

Outrage… a Vicar instructing his flock on how to go about their lives, and the audacity to use Powerpoint! Something must be done to stop religion from being so threatening. No wonder the government banned Powerpoint use in private companies… wait… they didn’t?

Cranmer offers some insight into Iain Dales religion survey.

Those terrible Amish with their religion of hate are at it again!

Over at SharperIron Michael Osborne discusses Papal infallibility.

Political Expediency

TfL: “Hey, why not walk today!”, Phil Taylor blogged the tube strike, and the painfully slow end of the strike.

Gavin Ayling gives us another fine example of the police demonstrating it’s one rule for us, another rule for them.

Britain is now offering a DNA amnesty to the citizens of the world, sign up to become part of the great database.

CPS Prosecutor Malcolm Christy proves that there’s no lack of intelligence at the CPS: “If, however, anything can be gained from this case, it is its use as an example of the tragic consequences of using knives as weapons.” Genius! Why doesn’t the government just make a law that we all have to use pin cushions to slice our bread? How many lives would be saved if, in a fit of anger, someone reached for the pin cushion and attempted to stab their sibling?

Will you sign the environMENTAL petition banning water? Many environMENTALISTs will, as proved by Penn & Teller. Also showing us how to live contradictory lifestyles… Freegans. Next they’ll be telling us vegetarianism is good for the environMENT… oops spoke too soon.

Let’s hope that this ‘dog is more of a pitbull than a poodle and now it’s sunk it’s teeth in, it won’t let go.

Matt G has the summary of the spat between UCCF and NUS over the selection of Christian Union leaders. Reading through the guidelines, it does appear to me that, though CUs have the ability to restrict appointment of leadership to members of the Union, the Union itself should implicitly be open for anyone to become a member (at least that’s my interpretation). Will this work, who knows? I wanted to blog about this issue for a long time, but I’ll summarise my thoughts right now. Take a look people, these are your future politicians, scientists, business and community leaders years from now. 1 persons complaint led to this completely blown up fiasco, a pertinent question that should be asked is what are these ‘leaders’ of the Students Union going to do when they get out into the big wide world and start writing policies? It’s scary to think about- however I see it positively, the church always grows best when under persecution and we are closer to illegal, underground house-churches in England than you would think.

Prabhu Guptara experiences America’s Stupidocracy.

Here’s an example of why I don’t like Gordon Brown as prime minister, but am weary about voting for someone like Blair 2.0 David Cameron. Like an obvious opportunist, he jumps on the bandwagon of the Northern Crock disaster, yet does he mention anything about Browns record with the economy? Does he give any meaningful reasons why this has happened? More importantly, what does he offer as a solution or that he would do better? No, no, nothing.

Ortho gives us a list of nonsensical political platitudes, or, in other words they could be described as George Bush’s list of press conference bylines.

The War Against Pirates

There’s something familiar about the tactics used by the American administration and those of big video/music companies in attempting to enforce their copyrights. Inevitably, it’s the innocents who get hurt, whilst the opposition gets stronger. Yet they do not learn do they? Repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

The Canadian Recording Artists Industry (Canada’s answer to the RIAA) decides that suing people gets more money than simply taxing them?

Death by Internets

Been cyberstalked? Just be glad it wasn’t Russell Tavares.

WTC had an interesting conversation with David Shayler. Yes the David Shayler, once respectable ex-MI5 officer and conspiraloon, who dropped ‘conspira’ and just turned loon when he declared himself to be the Messiah. A pity, he seems quite an intelligent man.

Think your password is safe? Probably not, ask Jeff Atwood.

An incredible 249 (and still going?) comments were left on Cecilieaux’s blog when he posted one post about FJL (who is now by the way sticking to much less inflammatory blog topics of late). His follow-up post generated 114- still astronomical by regular standards.

Out There

Jesus Land

Another elitist spits out his dummy.

A road to Damascus moment?

Awesome War of the Worlds online comic from Dark Horse!

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