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The New Music

Posted by Lex Fear on October 10, 2007

Three cheers for Radiohead. I’ve never bought an album or really listened to their music, however, in a move that defies and oversteps the fan-punishing MAFIAA, Radiohead have released their new album “In Rainbows” for free download over from teh interwebs.

click here and place your free order for Radiohead: In Rainbows.

Why is this a good move, you ask? Well imagine someone like me, a non-fan of Radiohead, but now I have a chance to listen to an album for free. If I like what I hear, I may be tempted to buy an album (yes p2p people still do buy albums if they’re good/have extra content)!

What’s more, I think this business model has the possibility to generate more cash for bands than the MAFIAA. I haven’t worked out any figures but here’s a guesstimate:

Old Model

  • Album Sales: Limited to already fans (and we know people who buy CDs/DVDs obey the law and don’t share with their friends).
  • Merchandise Sales: Limited to fan base
  • Concert Sales: Limited to fan base
  • Profit = MAFIAA: 90% Band: 10%

New Model

  • Album Sales: 0 potential sales/low revenue, infinite potential fans
  • Merchandise Sales: Infinite potential from open fan base
  • Concert Sales: Sellout potential from open fan base
  • Profit = MAFIAA: 0% Band: 100%

Based on on the new model, bands could easily recoup and even surpass their profits based on the old model!

This is exactly how George Lucas made his fortune by owning the merchandise rights to the Star Wars franchise, which enabled him to go on to produce 3 new movies (yes the reasoning and quality can be argued but,) and convert millions of new fans.

I hear that Nine Inch Nails are doing something similar, this is another band I haven’t heard many tracks from so I’m going to download all the music I can from NIN and sample that too.

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