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Jesus Loves Paparazzi Whore

Posted by Lex Fear on October 8, 2007

I’m finding hardly any time to blog with the amount of training I’m doing at the moment, and little time to rest either, but I did get to see an interesting program on BBC3 last night: Singing With The Enemy.

It’s not normally something I’d be interested in, but I found this episode fascinating due to the fact they were featuring a contemporary Christian band: Dweeb from Nexus in coventry (I also know a couple of people who attended this music college) and a punk rock band called Parazzi Whore, who feature lesbians and strippers as part of their lineup.

I tuned in and prepared to roll my eyes violently at the faux collaboration that the BBC had pulled together (obviously in order to generate some conflict for their mockumentary). What I found myself watching instead was 4 very earnest and very real Christian lads who came across credible and sincere. They handled the whole situation tactfully, not wanting to compromise their principles whilst at the same time trying not to project their faith onto PW or cause them conform.

In fact they’re message was so clear and they were so consistent in their attitudes and beliefs that when lead singer, Tim, read a verse from the bible (during their turn performing) that poledancer Suzy (who was also PW’s lead singer Nicky’s lesbian lover) experienced feeling what she described as falling in love. Discussing this with Dweeb, who had been praying for PW, they affirmed that they believed that what she felt was the love of God.

Suzy decided she could no longer continue with PW but was quick to point out this was her own decision, that it felt like she was following her destiny and it was completely her own choice. The last part of the program saw Suzy walking towards a church as the BBC explained she was “still following her spiritual path”. There was no brainwashing, evangelising or advantage taking involved- she was not shown to have joined Dweeb or even be taken into their church fellowship.

I had to hand it to Dweeb, they had shown themselves to be true to their faith and to Jesus. God clearly worked through them to reveal a little bit of himself to Suzy, and hopefully, she will discover more of God and be able to lead others in the way.

But it actually made me stop and think. It made me want to re-examine my own relationship with God and try to live more consistently. I have become very self reliant and independent, unfortunately this makes it harder for me to look for help from above when I need it.

God, I need you.

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