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Posted by Lex Fear on September 27, 2007

It’s that time again when I divulge a little on what’s happening offline and how that affects my blogging. I usually start with some vague updates of the crap I’m having to deal with or good things come my way, this time will be a mixture of both. I then usually give a rundown of the subjects I want to tackle on the blog next, and usually this is way off mark. Finally I end by saying how all this stuff I’m dealing with is going to prevent me from blogging/reading for a while, and usually it doesn’t.

So let’s begin with where it’s at…

  • I have a new job. After being made redundant at the job I had been in for just half a year, I immediately began applying for something new (this is the reason you may have noticed my increased activity this last week or so during the day). Well, I already have a new job starting soon as a consultant. I’ll be on a 6 month probation whilst I train to proficiency on the products my new company deals with.
  • Me and my wife, D, are about to hand in our notice on our flat, we want to move out of London (which will help with the new job) and find something bigger for less. Hopefully we’ll be catching the market now on a downfall.
  • I have been buying laptops on Ebay to upgrade, install Linux and resell again. I seem to have hit a snag with the latest one as I thought I could fix a sound problem, but it turns out to be something on the actual motherboard. So now I’m trying to bid as cheap as possible on a motherboard or a similar spares/repair, which is getting really frustrating. The other day I was watching my time go down on a real bargain 5 mins… 3…. 1 min 30 secs…. 57 secs…. 30… 16… 8… then 2 seconds from winning some asslochen entered a higher bid and won the damn thing for £1 more than my highest bid! I was out of time and majorly pissed as it was obvious that they were waiting for the last possible second. The lesson? Always re-enter a higher bid at the last minute just in case- especially if you think you’re getting a bargain.
  • Dealing with council tax. We had a misunderstanding on how the bill was going to be paid (my thought was that they would send a monthly request like any other company would) and now the council are asking for the full amount even though we are only half way through the year. This is mostly what’s prompted us to hand the notice in on our flat now. I am so pissed off that we are already paying the council more than what each month is worth that I feel like writing notice at the end of each month that we are leaving the property. Then at the beginning of each month writing a new notice that we are entering just to force them to take monthly installments- I’ll let you know how that goes!
  • Good things coming are an excellent redundancy package from my current job, coinciding with my new job means I will have bonus savings and I’ll be able to kill one of my current credit cards along with an outstanding loan. D has her pension savings refunded from Switzerland. My mum bought us a new 6.1 megapixel camera and I will soon be able to afford a new car (probably on lease).

I’ve hit some controversial subjects lately which has brought a lot of attention (and not all good), Despite wanting a rest from the criticism, I still want to continue in saying the things that nobody is saying, apologetics, supporting the underdog and causing upset. It’s not my objective to offend, but sometimes offence is what gets people to stop and think…

…and knowing what I say will offend is not going to stop me publishing it.

Coming up on Abandon All Fear:

  • I have not forgotten the housing market, nor did I miss out on Northern Rock, however a lot has already been said about Northern Quicksand. If you want to cut through the bull and read the best insight, check out Famous for 15 Megapixels.
  • I’m starting to lose site of politics and I am skimming over political blogs in my RSS. I don’t like Brown because I think he’s screwed the economy, I don’t like Cameron because he emulates style over substance and has resorted to opportunism. Ming seems like he has a lot of worthwhile things to say, trouble is no-one is listening. I do not want to vote for any of these people, neither do I want to vote for the Nationalsozialistische Green party, UKIP or the Aryan BNP. So there will probably be less political blogging from now on.
  • You may have noticed I’m blogging more on Christianity and faith-based perspective. I’ve never attempted to hide or disassociate my faith from my blog however I’m finding that I have more to say on faith, and specifically, things that are never or have never been said. There’s no such thing as a private faith- if your faith is real it will simply flow out of you almost unconsciously, it’s part of what defines you as a person and influences your thoughts and actions. There’s no escaping from it.
  • I have a new parking ticket from Camden, for staying an unbelievable 9 MINUTES over my paid limit! Well of course you know what that means… a new HIDI may be working it’s way onto the blog, since I can already see one obvious reason the ticket is illegal!
  • I still intend to make Abandon All Fear more commercial, more service based (work on that list of resources) and make some money- I just never seem to find the time to work on this stuff. If you’re like me you just have too many ideas entering your head at the same time, the hard part is trying to work out which ones you have time for and which ones will work.

Of course all this means that I’m going to be busy in the real world. I’ll be doing a lot of studying, a lot of letter writing, offline work and working on some blogs I run that are not anonymous. Basically, I don’t think I’m going to have time to do much blogging here- but I’ve said that in the past and pretty much carried on so we’ll see how it goes.

Do keep in touch.

4 Responses to “Just In Case You Were Interested…”

  1. It’s disappointing to hear that you plan to slow down on your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. You, too, represent the GenX’er (Y?) (http://cecilieaux.blogspot.com/2007/09/generations.html ) who gives encouragment to the “top of the hill-ers” 🙂 I hope it works out that you can keep on blogging!

  2. Thanks for your comment Gayle, I really want to keep it up but you know how life is, you have to allow the pot to simmer whilst you chop the carrots.

  3. The answer to Ebay is not to use Ebay’s bidding system — use ESnipe…

  4. Cheers, Gav. I’ll give that a look when I go to bid again.

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