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Declaration of Beliefs: 9/11

Posted by Lex Fear on September 25, 2007

Following my declaration of beliefs on creation, I thought it would be a good idea to apply it to other things, especially those sorts of things that have variable opinions, areas of gray and much controversy. So I thought I’d turn my attention to 9/11 conspiracy theories and where I stand.

My opinion is it’s not just the whacko’s that believe some sort of conspiracy or cover up has taken place, there is a lot of reasonable discussion going on, coming from reasonable sources. What seems to be most damaging to Conspiraloons is those that try to link it to something like a Zion movement, the return of Jesus or numerology.

Bloggers that have discussed 9/11 that I read and communicate with include, but are not all related to, conspiracy movements: The Antagonist, Stef, lwtc247 and Josh. There is also the 9/11 Truth Movement but I don’t really get involved to that extent…

I believe:

  • At least two US commercial airlines were hijacked by terrorists and flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) at approximately 9am on September 11th 2001.
  • The pentagon was possibly brought down by a controlled explosion or missile, in this case American Airlines (AA) flight 77 was either shot down or landed safely elsewhere.
  • AA flight 93 was shot down as evidenced by Donald Rumsfeld’s Freudian slip on Christmas Eve 2004. There is another theory that flight 93 landed safely in Ohio corresponding to news reports at the time, but this could have been confused with flight 77.
  • WTC building 7 (not hit with any planes) was brought down by a controlled demolition, not “weakened” as reported by the BBC, 20 minutes before it actually did ‘collapse’. Not in stages, as put by Mayor Giuliani.
  • It is not inconceivable that WTC building 7 was “pulled” for safety reasons- that it was thought structurally unsafe, WTC 7 came down 8 hours after the attack, giving them enough time to plant explosives. The likely reason is for insurance purposes.
  • The hijackers of AA flights 175 and 11 had somehow smuggled explosives aboard, detonated on or just before impact to cause maximum effect and carnage. This is what brought down the twin towers.
  • There was insider trading taking place on September 10th 2001, possibly due to insiders with advanced warning of the attacks.
  • There was an attempt to cover up stories of the jumpers which was only partially successful, in an attempt to depersonalise the attacks and propagate the cult of the hero and elevate patriotism (I believe there were heroes, but heroes are not above being human, and it is not a sign of treachery to question any individuals role).
  • There was an attempt to control and manipulate media portrayal of the attacks in general.
  • There was a conspiracy by both NORAD and the FAA to provide inaccurate information and undermine the progress of the 9/11 Commission.
  • The government was warned by the intelligence services (even as far back as the Clinton era) about the possibility of the attacks, in good time to formulate a plan and prevent it. The government ignored this advice.
  • There was a conspiracy to link Saddam Hussein to the attacks almost immediately to justify war with Iraq, for the benefit of America’s energy companies, which may even have been the reason to ignore the advice of the intelligence services on plane attacks on the WTC.
  • The war with Iraq was being planned prior to 9/11.
  • President Bush was not involved in the masterminding of the attacks, rather, he is a puppet controlled by sinister unelected government operatives which includes Dick Cheney and to some degree Donald Rumsfeld. This is plain obvious when comparing pre-9/11 Bush with post-9/11 Bush.
  • Whoever masterminded the attacks wanted to create instability and regime change in the Middle East, and if it went to plan they stood to benefit.

Therefore this leads me to determine that:

  • The government at least allowed the attacks to happen which positioned them to be able to manipulate the national conscience into accepting war in the Middle East.
  • The terrorist threat was also used to dupe the national conscience. National threat (real or imagined) has always been used by governments to supercede the rule of law. Terrible atrocities happen because, at the time it seems necessary, and those with evil in their hearts use the ‘fog of war’ to cover their evil deeds.
  • The country that stood to benefit most from Middle East instability was America. They wanted to install a puppet leadership before beginning the Trans-Afghanistan oil pipeline construction. Not surprisingly, the lead company building the pipeline would be Unicol (a US company that pulled out in 1998 for fears of being seen to support the Taliban regime).
  • It needn’t be said that Iraq has the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world, and shares a border with Iran (Dick Cheney should know, he is an expert on the Middle East), which holds the worlds 2nd largest oil reserves.
  • Given the evidence, it is highly likely the American government masterminded 9/11 and used Osama Bin Laden as a deviation. It would only need a few corporate sponsors, a small number of sinister unelected officials and a few middlemen to work the deal. Bin Laden takes care of the rest, whipping up religious and political fervor against America.

There is a lot of emotion that surrounds 9/11. I’ve heard it said “how can anyone suggest that the government would plan an attack on it’s own people?”

I agree, it’s simply beyond comprehension that a government would want to attack it’s own people. Simply unbelievable.


8 Responses to “Declaration of Beliefs: 9/11”

  1. Stef said

    I believe that I haven’t the faintest idea what really happened on 9/11

    or even 7/7 come to think of it

    I do however believe that our governments and mainstream media have been far from candid in their accounts of what happened on those days and much of what has been provided in their accounts doesn’t stack up

    The risk of rejecting ‘official’ accounts is, of course, that you end up filling the vacuum left behind with speculation and nonsense – hence the pejorative use of the term ‘conspiracy theorist’

    Sometimes it’s OK to just say ‘I don’t know … but I want to’

  2. Funnily enough Stef, I think it’s those that accept things at face value who appear to be the most dogmatic at putting down anyone who questions the official line.

    That doesn’t just relate to conspiracy theories either.

  3. lwtc247 said

    Oooh Alex. You ring my bell my friend.

    It is absolutely unbelieveable that the DID’NT want to attack (and carried out an attack) on their own people. If you believe Tony Bliar and BuSh knew there no WMD in Iraq, then they send their own soldiers to die. The warnings of massive suffering which would befall the Iraqi people were given aplenty before the onset of the attempted conquest of Iraq – they not only kill their own, they willingly kill anyone. Pearl Harbor was allowed to be attaked. The Lucitania, the UN HQ in Iraq, and the last two pearls for now… 7/7 and Operation Gladio (which the Antagonist has published a superb article on) is surely enough info to reveal at how nobody is too valuable to be liquidated. It is indeed foolish to think they will not do such things.

    It is utterly unlikely WTC7 could have bene primed with explosives after the first plane hit. They must have been in place before that.

    I think Bin Laden (Tim Osman) may be (have been – he’s probably dead) a genuine opponent of the US after the fall of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, but I seriously doubt he had a plan to do 9-11, rather concentrate on US military facilities/equipment and possibly political offices. Bin Laden and the fat Bin Laden were portrayed as having done 9-11 for reasons of the propagation of US hegemony.

    And the most important of all Alex is that ZIONISM Is the root of all this. It is not at all bonkers. I’d have thought that you should realise what the formation of the new “Israel” means in a theological/eschatological and political point of view. put a postal address up here and I’ll e-mail you a set of DVD’s that might help you tie everything up.

    BTW: I like the new layout.

  4. lwtc247 said

    IF you look at the fathers of neoconservatism, The International bankers, who the war-loving western politicians love, who funded Russian revolution, who perverted their own texts to allow them to inflict Usury on others but not themselves, who altered their texts to slurr the Prophet Ishmail. Which security companies were involved in 9-11 security, Which “state” conducts murder and torture on a daily basis but bears no consequence. Whose nuclear program was helped by a secret cabal in the British government, who punishes thought crimes re: the holocaust Industry, who converted to and perverted the great religion of Judsiam, who these Khazar imposters are, how the “state” of Israel is a total opposite of the glorious state established by Solomon and David,…blah blah blah blah… then you realise the tie in with Zion is very, very real.

  5. OK here’s the way I look at it.

    America contains a high proportion of Jewish people, therefore some of those in government, in secret societies, or just plain unpleasant people, are going to be Jewish. I have a friend who is American and Jewish, he’s a photographer and detests Bush as much as I do.

    I certainly believe there are conspiracies as detailed above, I believe that people who are incidentally Jewish could be involved. I’ll even go one step further, I believe that Jewish and Christian people in the American government conspire to make sure that America protects Israel, supplies weapons to Israel, favours Israel in any war and does whatever it can to conceal their motives.

    I believe their motives are part religious, part political, and yes this is Zionism but I just don’t think it has anything to do with 9/11. The Christians are just unenlightened, mainly adherents of the Religious Wrong and mis-interpreting scripture.

  6. lwtc247 said

    Alex. Zionism is entrenched deep into the West. It is godless. It cloaks itself in things thta sound vaguely Jewish but it is simply a mechanism for oppression and tyranny. Repeat: It is godless. This so called ‘state’ of Israel is NOTHING if not the direct opposite of the glorious state that Solomon and David established. It has nothing to do with Judaism or Christianity other than it cons those groups into Zionism. I had Jewish friends. I used to go out of my way to be extra nice to a Jewish man who used to come into my computer shop. If however he expressed Zionist views which he never did then I would have been opposed to him.

    Please don’t fall foul of associating Zionism with beautiful Judaism (even if some Jews were guilty of sins – Moses/Golden calf etc) in the past. The doctrine of following the One God is all that ultimately matters. Monotheists are all close brothers.

    There isn’t a grain of goodness in Zionism. It is a truly evil philosophy.

  7. Agreed. Certainly the state of Israel today is a secular state and nothing to do with the Israel that existed in the OT.

    The problem is trying to explain this to many church people and Americans, they see Israel as some sort of Holy Mecca, they have a simplistic theological understanding based loosely on the bible. If you truly understand the scriptures, you know that Abrahams seed does not refer strictly to those of Jewish heritage.

  8. lwtc247 said

    Israel was a ‘Mecca’ but that was 2000+ years ago when it followed God recipie for success. This Israel is godless evil. Only on the return of Christ (which Ironically these Zionist supporters Jews and Christians actually want) will the Israel of old be re-established and rightly so as Christ brings the world to God, making Israel the nation of all nations. And rightly so.

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