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Declaration of Beliefs: Creation

Posted by Lex Fear on September 12, 2007

I’m quite inspired by Ken Browns new blog C.Orthodoxy where he has posted a declaration of sorts on his personal belief regarding Creation and Evolution. I thought I’d do something similar since I’ve explored this topic quite a bit on the blog but never set officially set out my own beliefs. I’ve taken Ken’s declaration as my template and modified it accordingly. You will notice my declaration is a bit more exaggerated than Ken’s, something I tried but couldn’t avoid.

I believe:

  • The existence of the universe is entirely contingent upon the will of God; it had a beginning and is not self-existent.
  • The universe is probably more than 10,000 years old.
  • That life on earth is irreducibly complex and no blind processes alone can explain its origin.
  • All human and animal life on earth was designed and created using a common ancestor (due to the presence of DNA and carbon) but not common descent, subject to natural selection, genetic drift and gene flow.
  • That while natural selection, adaption and genetic mutation explains many odd features of life, their powers are grossly exaggerated.
  • It is an open question whether and how God has actively guided and propelled the continuing evolution of life.
  • That humanity is in a fallen state (prone to sin i.e. error, selfishness, wrongdoing, evil etc.), that humanity has a free will to choose and act contrary to fallen nature and that it can ultimately be redeemed by believing upon and outworking faith in Christ.
  • However they came about, the essential features of humanity ? including morality, reason, society, invention, etc. ? ultimately reflect God’s image – a part of our design.

I therefore believe:

  • Morality is properly grounded in God?s own character, not created by humanity or inferred from evolution.
  • That while atheism itself implies a meaningless and amoral universe, acceptance of evolution does not require acceptance of atheism or its implications.
  • The Bible:
    • Is intended to reveal the character of God and the person of Jesus, and exists as a testament to this.
    • Is inspired by the Spirit of God upon men, hence it is the fallible word of God which must be interpreted in context.
    • Is a mash-up of historical data, census data, poetry, parables, songs, sayings, prophecies and eye-witness testimonies, written by 40 acknowledged authors (but possibly hundreds of contributors), which must be interpreted in context.
  • That, ideally, public school science classes should teach students to:
    • Be skeptical of popular opinion and consensus.
    • Question and analyze all evidence and all data
    • Avoid bias and representing their own beliefs or conclusions as fact, where the results are inconclusive.
  • Practically, parents and local schools districts should have the right to decide for themselves what their students need to learn.
  • That the relationship between Christianity and mainstream science is, and will remain, a complex one, but there is no unbridgeable chasm between them.

Interestingly, whilst doing a bit of wikisearch (Wikipedia research), I noted that whilst young earth creationists are usually derided, traditional Hindus who believe the earth is 77.76 trillion years old rarely get a mention. I wonder why that is?


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