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More UK Libel and Blogging

Posted by Lex Fear on September 8, 2007

Blogger Lord Matt has received 2 take-down letters from a Dr M G Notley, who he exposed for using bad SEO practices. Readers will remember LM from a previous post highlighting a legal battle with his council (which he successfully defended I can now add).

“Dr M G Notley really does not know a lost cause when he sees one.  He emailed me a while back and quite rudely accused me of not telling the truth in my article while at the same time proving firm evidence of what I was saying.  Not content with that he then has paid for solicitors to harass me for blogging about this man who (in my own opinion) is a charlton.

It is my opinion that he is a fool, a black hat SEO of the worst and stupidest kind and his folly is (also in my opinion) only compounded by the fact that he makes a loss carrying out business activities that I believe were only set up to promote his own books.  Activities that he claims cost his company money.

It is my intention to fight this take down notice as it is not only true but a warning to people that might be taken in but such (in my opinion) villainy.  I am going to request my fellow SEO experts of all skill levels to write a declaration post that states clearly and precisely that in your official opinion as SEOs if I was right or wrong and if right how so and if wrong but what degree. I am asking for this not because I want links particularly (use rel nofollow if it makes you feel better) but because it will be needed to protect the freedom of speech on the internet by bloggers.”

LM blogged his concern because the domain writerspromote.com is apparently “stuffed with keywords” and “begging to become black-listed”. It seems the keywords are gone, but the horrible table layout and huge scroll down gap between the content and the copyright notice at the bottom show evidence that there may have been something there.

It’s yet another example of a company that would rather sue to protect their presence on the internet, than change business practices, work for their reputation and therefore discredit any critics.


3 Responses to “More UK Libel and Blogging”

  1. Garth Notley said

    In this case, you are mistaken. The case is not about Mr Mathew Brown (alias “Lord Matt”) stating negative views about the SEO techniques used, however rude and hectoring his language may be. After all, the details of search engine optimisation techniques are hardly a matter for the courts.

    (“I AM A BUFFOON” – Ed)

    The case to be answered is that Mathew Brown libelled Dr Notley, in that Mr Brown alleged that Dr Notley lied to members about receiving money for advertising. These allegations are false, and extremely damaging to Dr Notley, an honest businessman, and Mr Brown will fail in his defence because the truth of these matters is capable of independent audit.

    I share your views about the importance of retaining an independent voice. However, in this instance the removal of the offending article(s) will have no effect on any bloggers’ right to express their views about businesses or governments, so long as they refrain from defamatory falsehoods, which has always been the case, and I hope will always remain so.

    I assume you would not support anyone’s right to publicly defame you, me or anyone else with false allegations.

    You may publish these remarks if you publish them in full and without editing or interjections.

  2. Without prejudice, the following is written opinion only.


    Firstly, who the hell do you think you are to dictate to me whether I should publish or edit your comment?

    I retain all (creative) rights to whatever is published here and if I want to edit your comment to interject with the words “I am a buffoon” I will. However, I’m going to leave your comment standing as there is no need to point out the blindingly obvious.

    I have no tolerance for company CEO’s who spend time googling themselves to find out what’s written on the latest obscure blogs and then leave comments or threaten to sue.

    If you had taken some time to read through this blog, you would discover that I am not in favour of current UK libeling laws, and that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

    I prefer the motto “live so that you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip”.

    For the record, there are one or two blogs out there that say some vile and silly things about Alex Fear, but I shrug it off as I know they’re angry, self-abusers.

    Oh what the heck, I’m going to do it anyway…

  3. Lord Matt said

    Did you know that this page ranks very well in Google for the term Dr+M+G+Notley. I have saved a copy of this page to my local hard drive and thought I would let you know.

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