Abandon All Fear

What nobody else seems to be saying…

Should Greenpeace Be Given An ASBO…

Posted by Lex Fear on September 7, 2007

…for threatening behavior?

Pick a side? Seriously?

I think it deserves to be said that a 14(?) year old kid wearing a hoodie making threats towards me (prompting me to join his ‘gang’) certainly doesn’t bring to my mind thoughts of conserving environment. It’s not that I dislike hoodies, I myself wear them all the time, but there are certain times when they should be removed as sign of respect and to convey openness and approachability. It’s pretty obvious that gangs use hoodies to hide their faces, bolster their own confidence and dissuade confrontation. Latent passive aggressiveness that arises from a culture of fear.

It’s almost like having a football hooligan making threatening gestures whilst urging you to donate money to some humanitarian cause.



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