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Felicity Is Back

Posted by Lex Fear on September 6, 2007

Whether she did wrong or right, she has paid her debt to society and is now appealing. Technically this means she is now a free citizen (notwithstanding an ASBO), with no outstanding offences and should be treated as such… will she be, I wonder?

Welcome back Felicity, I would cautiously advise not getting involved in any further flame-wars, email campaigns or debates and stick to blogging your knowledge and experiences only. It’s a wise move to de-link and stick to the requirements of your ASBO. Let’s hope your appeal goes favourably (and accept if it doesn’t) and that there will be no more witch-hunts.

20 Responses to “Felicity Is Back”

  1. Cecilieaux said

    Thanks. I was glad to hear the woman was released. Jailing someone for blogging seems very anti-democratic.

  2. lwtc247 said

    Yes “anti-democratic” indeed. – welcome to the new world order (much like the old world order actually, only the internet has helped us expose this new one much more easily!)

    Thanks Alex for letting us know this. It would have escaped me otherwise. We have a very similiar opinion about the issue. I left a message to fjl on her blog, cheers.

  3. I’m glad Felicity is back if only to prove the ludicrisy of those pathetic “Find Lowde” buttons.

    It is unfortunate that now she has paid for her ‘crime’ and been released, googling her name still brings up articles from before she was caught. Not to mention bloggers who still have posts claiming she needs to be found.

    I fear that Felicity is now exposed to the same harassment she was banged up for. Imagine someone ill-informed and not too bright just discovering the “Find Lowde” campaign, then goes and spots her on the street.

    It’s not so much about her being jailed for blogging, it’s for her emails to she-who-must-not-be-named. In the UK the law dictates that sending more than 2 (unwarranted) emails constitutes harassment. Funnily enough it’s the ‘liberal’ left who rely upon and endlessly quote this authoritarian law. They obviously haven’t heard of spam filters.

    I don’t doubt that Lowde sent one too many emails, I’m sure I would have got pissed off. But the difference is I don’t see email as a threat to my life- not in the way I would see someone brandishing a weapon or following me in the street.

  4. Doug said

    I am also pleased she is free. I would also say that Felicity best stay out of all matters re Rachel North etc.

    I think Felicity’s harassment at the hands of North and her padres was very ugly. If you blog then you’ve gotta take the good with the bad. Rachel North is not a proteced species and nor should she be.

    Check the law re the references to her still being wanted available on the net. I cannot see how references to Lowde can remain if she has served her sentence/appealed etc. How on earth is a free citizen meant to rehabilitate?

  5. Indeed Doug, well said.

    I am also concerned for Felicities rehabilitation.

    I’m not fond of libel laws but the hypocrisy should be pointed out. Especially if Felicity now moves onto more quieter and contented topics.

    How is she supposed to get a job and get back to a normal life?

    Everyone’s had their fun with the mob-justice. Congratulations for being so righteous and indignant!

  6. Cecilieaux said

    Re libel laws, I’ve worked as a journalist on the U.S. side of the pond and on yours and I’ve got to tell you, your laws stink. From D-notices, to all manner of limitations to what can be printed, to a judiciary that sees libel in anything that anyone finds unpleasant about themselves — even if it is verifiably true — it’s what you guys would call a bloody nightmare.

    Libel suit prone millionaires and international companies actually shop around for the British courts knowing they’ll get to muzzle someone there.

    In the USA, from where I write (come get me Oxford Police!) a blogger (FJL) who posted something about someone who sought publicity and is actually publishing a book about her personal experiences (Rachel Whatzername), no matter how insane, would be protected free speech. RW is a public figure in the understanding of the U.S. courts, meaning someone who has actively sought publicity, and therefore her right to privacy is severely circumscribed.

    FJL may be crazy as a loon or a neo-Nazi so far as I know, but she still has the right to free speech — particularly the right to opine concerning a public figure. At least here. That she was jailed is anti-democratic and a violation of article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which the U.K. is a signatory — not that it constrained matters in Ireland.

  7. fjl said


    thanks. x

    Ty not to pre judge the case files as they are all flying back to Court. (sigh.)

  8. fjl said

    cecileaux has been bombarded.

    it does have its comic aspect.


  9. And these guys call themselves liberals…

    “The revolution has been betrayed!”

  10. Cecilieaux said

    I had no EFFING IDEA these folks were THAT nuts!!!!

  11. fjl said

    Oh yes.

    Imagine what I’ve been putting up with for a year.

  12. Which is why Felicity, I’m still advocating you should ditch that blog fjlathome.blogspot.com and all related blogs and start afresh- anonymous of course.

    If you do have lawyers working on your case, let them handle all the legal stuff and don’t post any more at your current blog, and don’t get involved in the trolling at others blogs. There are people who believe in you and even those who don’t agree who will at least argue your defence on principle.

    I would suggest:

    1) Cease all activity on fjlathome.blogspot.com and related blogs (write one last post explaining this).

    2) Register a new blog, just one. Don’t reference any of your old material or court case, and regiser it anonymously, you can email the address of this one to me, and those you trust, and we’ll add it to the blogroll (but not straight away to put off the scent of the Northsquad).

    3) Avoid any blogwars and flamewars at all costs. Ignore comments about FJL, again if you have lawyers working on it- let them handle it.

    If you do this, then given maybe a year or 2 your name will be out of headlines and into the archives. The liberati lynch mob who obsess over you will have found a new target and perhaps after a bit more time, once the racket has died down, you would be able to reveal your identity online and present yourself a fully rehabilitated and critics would not be able to argue.

    This is something that you can come out of positively Fel, trust me, but you need to bury yourself and try to get away from the madness of these haters.

    I really want you to succeed. You need to pick your battles, and know when it’s futile to continue. Fortunately, if you do this then those who are driven by hate, who simply want to see you suffer will give up or find someone else to persecute. Those who may have been enemies, if they are reasonable people, will give you a chance.

  13. Me said

    Yes, picking your battles is important.

    I hope Felicity has someone to defend her. Like it or not she should shut up and let them handle it, and have another look at things once she has gone to court etc.

    One note: Try and avoid any ruling that contains compulsory psych treatment etc. Do not let any professionals study you Felicity for goddness sakes. Otherwise someone like you, who is obviously bright and dynamic (I mean bloody hell!!! it does take a lot to mount such a campaign; they are not for dimwits), could end up being poked, prodded, and studied then end up rotting away.

    Has Felicity spoken to anyone else who has ‘stalked’?

    It might help. It could provide some ideas on how to stop. Once you get involved in a campaign like this I believe people can become ‘diseased’ (a bit like people who diet but then slip into the disease of anorexia – I think this is an interesting parrallel) and I can understand the obsession and desire for revenge etc etc.

    Keep it cool Felicity.

  14. Cecilieaux said


    This seems to be the only safe space to communicate with you.

    I’d tweak Alex’s advice as follows:

    — absolute stop talking about R and cohorts (your lawyers are probably having fits)

    — continue the blog on the motto “the dogs bark, the caravan goes on” (a priest who was my boss many years ago used to say that and it stuck with me)

    At the risk of inflaming the Rachelites further, I would say that your blog is literate, intriguing (when not on the subject of R) and genuinely appealing from an aesthetic point of view.

    By comparison, R’s is boring. “Me, me, me (and what a victim I am).” Never stops to smell the roses. Never has anything to say that is not crushingly trite.

    So I understand, as someone who has lived as something of an outsider, that you don’t want to submit to the mob. Just go on. Ignore them. (Sue them or whatever else you need to do legally, if need be, but pretend they’re not there.)

    Enjoy your fame. Why not turn it into something at least as profitable as a walk out of a subway tunnel?

    Walk head high and go up to the gawkers: “Yes, I’m her, do you want an autograph?”

    It’s time to disarm everyone with a charm offensive. You’ve got charm.


    PS: Is that your son in the photos?

  15. lwtc247 said

    Some very good advice from Alex. Advice is hard to take, especially if you win your case, but I don’t think there is anything productive that can come from this current line, and I still feel queezy at the actions of what Alex labels well as the Northsquad (sounds Orwellian)

    All the best… lwtc247

  16. Jean_Jeanie said

    Ah so this is where the FJL mob hang out…

  17. lwtc247 said

    I think it is already demonstrated who the mob was. Wonder which poor sod that mod will hunt next?

  18. fjl said

    Hi sweeties.

    a) lawyers: they’re wonderful, like brothers to me, and we giggle alot. No problems there, they’ve got a real understanding of what I’m being put through and are not being lawyerish. It’s Godsend actually.

    b)I don’t feel I can delete my blog as that will be cow towing to serious bullies, and further, it’s a clear rebuttal of the libel going on about me on the web?

    c) thanks for your loyalty, it IS appreciated. I’m sorry if I’ve not reciprocated but I felt to unlink due to all the bedlam going on. I will relink to you three soon when it’s died down.

  19. Felicity,

    I don’t think anyone takes offense to delinking, and I can imagine the conditions of your ASBO must seem very ironic and unfair.

    Neither do I think anyone is telling you to delete the blog, just abandon it, just let it go as there are obviously obsessive types who feed off every word you publish.

    I understand how you may feel a hypocrite or a coward for not fighting back, but actually you would simply be abandoning those who like playing in mud to play in the mud.

    The noble thing to do right now would be bow out gracefully. Look beyond the venom of those with bitter, dark hearts.

    I am pleading with you Fel to do this, for your own sake. The reason is I have seen someone very close to me go through a situation similar to this. It was a person who had made mistakes but simply couldn’t find a way to move beyond them. The person I speak of has managed to find peace now but not without regrets and some terrible repercussions.

    Felicity, you may have noble designs but you are fighting a losing battle. Even soldiers on the battlefield know when to withdraw and when to rest.

    I fear this will not end well for you if you continue to rebuke your many critics and attempt to defend yourself. These bitter, twisted and possibly evil people openly admit that they are trying to set a trap for you (and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them has not already contacted the police to accuse you of breaching your Asbo).

    You must learn some self-control and move away from your online identity of FJL.

    Get an anonymous handle, start a new blog and don’t write about or comment on anything that has gone before.

  20. fjl said

    I have no problems with self control. Try not to listen to libels. I think a lot of you do though! There are hundreds of posts on the elephant blog.

    I am quite happy about the fact that I haven’t breached my ASBO gag. I’m confident in the lawyers.

    Try not to get worked up on the web. And take no notice of daft conniving people who haven’t a hope of getting their silly threads into Court.

    Perhaps the best advised thing to do would be to stop making posts about me? They are not always well informed?

    But thanks for your well wishes all the same.

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