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Preternatural Observations

Posted by Lex Fear on September 1, 2007

A ‘religious’ experience but nonetheless deserves some scientific query.


This atheist’s experience of death/hell is one I have heard before in NDE conversion stories*, similar tales of being alone in the darkness with disembodied voices teasing, angry, snarling and tearing away at flesh. This is observed, not in a laboratory (but neither has a solar flare).


Empirical evidence. do we dismiss it because we haven’t seen it first hand? Is there a predetermined set percentage of the population that should experience this for it to be accepted as a real event? How does a staunch atheist suddenly acquire a meme from nowhere (that unknown to the beholder, others have also picked up)?


*Ian McCormick

Timothy LaFond

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This Should Make Americans Angry

Posted by Lex Fear on September 1, 2007

The video has been out a little while, Gonzales has recently walked. Incidentally, is anyone else sick of hearing the words “I don’t recall”?

HT: What A Wheenie

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