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More On WordPress

Posted by Lex Fear on August 31, 2007

I admit it, it’s taken me longer to get used to WordPress than I first thought. I still haven’t got round to replicating my blogroll or doing the resource stuff! But don’t delink me yet, it will come!

I went with Lyc0s’s installation of WordPress, which should automatically update you when a new version is ready but I’m stuck with 2.1.x and the latest version is 2.2.x. I discovered this because I have been struggling with widgets since transferring and only just realised I could download the ‘Widgets’ extension itself for backwards compatibility with blogs older than 2.2.x.

This makes it a lot easier than doing the hard coding (you will have noticed the effects of my manual widgetizing if you came by at the wrong time). Fortunately I have also discovered this slick admin extension that allows me to put up a maintenance page for the site- no more splattered code for you guys.

In other Meta, it looks like my controversial subject matter has finally paid off and my ship has come in. I recieved an email from someone at DIMACC with a proposal to buy advertising space on the blog. Before anyone starts, I’ve never been against blog advertising, after all I pay to host this website and I’ve been wanting to find some way to subsidize it for a while.

Neither do I feel like I’ve sold out, I used Adsense when I first started, but it just didn’t pay.
I’ve been asked to place 5 individual advertisements for some older posts, hopefully, if they do well then perhaps I’ll get more. The great thing is they are textual, there’s no links that would cause me to feel pharisaic and, most importantly I have been offered a decent upfront fee!

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